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Educational Announcement # 1
A great Educational Open House opportunity to discuss & receive necessary & useful Information about studying at the IDC Herzelia  ( a private collage in Israel ) & enjoy being one of the 1600 students who came from all around the Globe to get their master degrees from this university! . Watch the video below.

Announcement # 2
We Won't be silenced
To: SC Students for Israel 

Sent by Fariba Fouladi
I'm sure you're all aware of the embarrassment UCI faced just a few
weeks ago, when 11 student members of Muslim Student Union viciously
and agressively interrupted Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren as he
addressed the audience.  He displayed true poise and honor in the face
of closed-minded and intellectually inept demonstrators who attempted
to silence him.  After repeated calls by the Dean, these students
continued to bring shame to UCI and academia by claiming that their
freedom of speech is also the freedom to SILENCE those with opposing
thoughts.  Give me a break...

Even Moderate Muslims condemn the silencers - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JijeTZjaSws

Is no one concerned that those who hate Israel are now perverting the
American legal code?  Are American values now being hijacked?  Not
only must we stand up when a fellow Israeli voice for peace is
silenced, but we must voice our concern when fundamental American
values are threatened-such as Ambassador Oren, and the free world's
Freedom of Speech.

Please consider signing this petition, and pass it along.  The 11
students who were arrested should be disciplined for their
unconstitutional, unacademic and freedom-robbing actions.

Sign the Petition

Announcement # 3
Sent by debsh1

The Nature of the Regime in Iran at the present time!  
Interview with Amir Taheri

Important Public Notice .

Sent by S. Shadmehr


,$3500  penalty + 6 month prison

 give up and return before it is too late

EU: Free Shalit immediately

Rare footage shows ex-POWs
צילום: דוד רובינגר
Rarfe footage Yosef Grof in Syrian captivity (Photo courtesy of Channel 2 News)
Turks recall Swedish envoy

US human rights report hits China, Iran

Why is a neo-Nazi website threatening an anti-Iran activist?

Ahmadinejad: Israel world's most hated state

'We face unmatched threats'
Archive photo: Gil Yohanan
Iran attacks US over Afghanistan
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Kabul, 10 March
IDF Chief of Staff: All options on Iran should remain open

Shell stops selling gasoline to Iran

New Iran destroyer test fires missile

Iran faces steep gasoline troubles
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Photo: AFP)
U.S. rewarding firms that defy Iran sanctions

Iranian poet '' Simin Behbahani '' handed 'travel ban'
Simin Behbahani

British Islamist Anjem Choudary:
 Freedom and Democracy Are Idols
That Must Be Destroyed and
 Replaced with Obedience to Allah

 They Give US Money, But We Attack Their System!

Sent by S. Shadmehr

Biden: Nuclear Iran would threaten U.S. as well as Israel

'Israel bolt in our existence'

Israel denies Erdogan's claim
Photo: APPhoto: AP Einstein text '' Relativity manuscript '' goes on display

7arrested in Ireland over cartoonist plot

Photo: APPhoto: AFP

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