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Separated at birth: Hitler and Ahmadinejad
Shlomi Shabat & Lior Narkis
 in Hebrew at ahuva sheli 
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Sent by Yoni Pourati / Israel

KHamenei , AHmadinead , the Iran Member of Parliament ,  Members of the " Majles Khobregan & all of the Fanatic Anti - Semite Iranian Moslems, DO YOU KNOW
At Shaar Menashe Mental Health Center in northern Israel, it's as though Holocaust never ended. Even today, 65 years after end of World War II, there are sometimes screams of 'The Nazis are coming!'
Separation anxiety, migraines and nightmares are only some of the main characteristics of these 250000 elderly people, %10 ( 25000 ) whom suffer from some type of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), sometimes combined with disorders and other mental diseases
Photo: Gil YohananPhoto: Yossi Ben David
Photo: Yossi Ben DavidPhoto: Itzik Harari
Photo: Israel HadariPhoto: Israel Hadari

* Shema Israel *
Sarit Hadad

Mil 1. 5 children among the victims of  Holocaust

Fire fighters help evacuate holy books

Photo: Book cover

Photo courtesy of the Jewish AgencyPhoto: Yaron Brener

Photo: Ahimeir Porat

The Grate Charlie Chaplain as
The Grate Dictator
Watch & LIsten till the End

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