Daveed Fakheri
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The new Lebanon battlefield
Part 1 of article Nobody knows whether a war will break out in Lebanon this summer. Yet what is completely clear is that a war in the north – if and when such war ...
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Photo: Gadi Dagon
Crippling our democracy
It is not clear just what is behind the present attack on Israeli civil society and academia. Is it simply a misguided campaign by a small, inconsequential (but rich) ...
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Is this what peace looks like?
The Palestinian call to ban settlement products brings a sense of déjà vu for me: This is how my father’s business was boycotted in my hometown in Germany. Yet this ...
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Understanding Mitchell
On May 4th, the head of the Military Intelligence research division, Brigadier General Yossi Baidatz, claimed that "(Palestinian President) Abbas is laying the groundwork ...
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Uganda just won't do
Max Saltzman explains why, despite price, we must make Jerusalem, Israel our

Wild Jewish imagination?
Arab-Israeli claims of ‘police terror’ in wake of espionage
affair unfounde

ראאד סלאח בנאומו (צילום: מוחמד שינאווי) 

Haredim aren't rightist
Ultra-Orthodox often better off joining leftist governments
The mess of our making
Israel's current global status result of failure to counter Arab inventions

President Obama’s ‘peace’ vision doesn’t have Israel’s security in mind


Who should we trust?
UK rabbi analyzes British election results, with focus on Jewish-Israeli angle

Shooting the messenger

Focusing on Goldstone’s past has nothing to do with accuracy of his report

Poll the people
US should induce leaders to take moderate positions via Israeli, PA peace

Obama’s dangerous initiative
New ‘nuke-free’ strategy blurs distinction between West, radical regimes

Egypt isn’t our friend
Our leaders need to realize Cairo’s actions only based on Egyptian interests 

IDF soldiers training in the Golan Heights
Police strangling a youth

Peace with Syria should come firs

Editorial / IDF segregation bypasses High Court ruling
Roadblock on Route 443

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