June 5th 2010

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שבתHome Front drill should not make Israelis feel safe in face of threats / Ron Ben yishi

Former Russian President Boris Yeltsin was once asked to describe the situation in his country in one word. “Good,” he replied. The person who asked the question wanted a more detailed, two-word description. “Not good,” Yeltsin said. This is more or less how Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu feels .

Photo: Yariv Katz
Let world monitor Gaza
The collapses in Israel’s foreign relations status in the wake of the flotilla incident can be curbed immediately, and even be used for gaining a historic benefit, ...
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Photo: Shai Vaknin
You are our children
It was my child who was grabbed by his legs and thrown off the upper deck of the ship; who was brutally beaten up; who had a stun grenade hurled at him; who was stabbed ...
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Photo: Ofer Amram
A new approach to Gaza
The government decision to stop the sail to Gaza was correct, despite its inconvenient media implications. However, the incident stresses the need to reassess our ...
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A view from the Left
I am writing these words with great pain and suppressed rage. I know that few are the Jews in Israel whose heart is open to the pain of their Palestinian brothers and ...
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Instead of goodwill, Gaza-bound flotilla featured knives, terror connections 

Culture of lies good for Israel, leaves Arabs mired in cesspool of misery 

Assaf Wohl writes to our Navy Seals, who bear Jewish history’s burden on thei

Real issue surrounding flotilla is global media’s refusal to grasp, reflect 

Officials screwed up again as PR arena was taken over by our opponents 

An IDF oldier stands guard aboard a naval vessel as Gaza-bound ships are intercepted

PM Benjamin Netanyahu gives a statement of Israel's raid on a Gaza aid convoy, June 2, 2010
'Peace activists’ armed with bats, knives were determined to fight ‘Zionists’
Clash on Marmara (Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Office)
israel played into Hamas’ hands in an amateurish, pathetic way

Predictable Israeli fiasco/ Avi Trengo

A war for world’s future
Battle isn’t about Gaza, but rather, about radical Islam vs. liberal West

Flotilla  On It's Way To Gaza

Israeli PR disaster, again
Use their language

Photo: Yotam Frum
Major reduction in Chief Scientist's Office budget
Barring any unforeseen developments, the 2011 budget of the Office of the Chief Scientist in the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor is expected to stand at NIS 900 ...
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Assaf Gilad, Calcalist(12:58 , 06.04.10 )
Photo: Reuters
Turkey suspends all infrastructure projects with Israel
Turkey announced Thursday that it was suspending all its joint government projects with Israel in the infrastructure and energy field, the country's energy minister said. ...
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Shoham Levy, Calcalist(07:38 , 06.04.10 )
Photo: Avigail Uzi
Tower Semi to prepay $20M in bank debt
Chip maker Tower Semiconductor said on Wednesday it has agreed with its Israeli banks to prepay $20 million of its long-term bank borrowing, as a first step in a debt ...
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Reuters(15:28 , 06.03.10 )
Photo: AP
$1B pledged at Palestinian investment meet
Investors and donor countries have pledged nearly $1 billion worth of programs at the start of a two-day West Bank investment conference. The conference is part of ...
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Associated Press(09:18 , 06.03.10 )
Photo: Oren Agmon
40% of Norwegians: Ban Israeli products
More than 40% of Norwegians are already boycotting Israeli products or are in favor of doing so, according to a poll published Wednesday, two days after Israel's deadly ...
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AFP(16:28 , 06.02.10 )
Photo: Jupiter
Almost half of US supermarket products kosher
Almost half the products in US supermarkets are now kosher, according to a new survey by KosherToday. The survey reports that most supermarkets in larger cities ...
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Shalom Life culture staff(08:02 , 06.02.10 )
Photo: Index Open
Consumer confidence index falls in May
Israel's consumer confidence index fell 3.9 points in May, after rising for the fifth month in a row in April, Bank Hapoalim and TNS Teleseeker said on Tuesday. "The ...
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Reuters(18:12 , 06.01.10 )
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