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( The Turks With the Other Fanatic

 Muslims And the Bloody Anti-Jews

 And Anti- Israel  )

Con the World

Ben Zev

Activists on board Gaza-bound Irish ship  say they will not resist if IDF troops board vessel!1
  tanehnazan : only because they are not Arabs, Turks or any other Muslims They are coming from the civilized nations who care for the Human lives  and the Human Causes ) 

American administration reiterates disappointment over Israeli takeover of Gaza-bound ship. White House spokesman tells press US determined to get goods to civilians in Gaza

*tanehnazan: No need for the U.S. Administration to be disappointed if the Flotilla is'nt " a Humanity Ship ". Like the United States Of America who is defending its Citizens in the Persian Golf, Iraq and Afghanistan, Israel must do everything in its power to prevent any harm from Terrorist organizations to its citizens!American Administration has enough to be " Disappointed " about ( like horrible wrong doing in foreign And domestic diplomacy ) which caused so much financial and moral damage to its citizens.

Erdogan to Obama: Israel risks losing its best friend in Middle East!!!
tanehnazan / Mr. Erdogan Read The History Of Your Own! You Are Not A Friend Of Israel Or Can Be The Friend Of The JEWS, Or the Armenians Or the Greeks Or the Arabs ..... We Already Know Mr. Erdogan That :

With the FRIENDS Like you Nobody Needs ENEMIES!
Daniel in the lions' den draws fangs; Muslims deny flotilla lynch-mob- then become one

Paris Fakheri
A loud and angry mob of pro-Arab demonstrators outside the Israeli consulate in Los Angeles on Tuesday became even more enraged when one, lone Jewish high school student with a yarmulke and a large Israeli flag marched fearlessly alongside them.
The young man, whose name was later learned to be Daniel Pereg, seemed to be unmoved by the angry curses hurled at him by the American-Arab crowd. Though protected by a line of policemen, it appeared he could be attacked at any moment.

tanehnazan exclusive

Pro Israel Demonstrators Raise Voices 

" Erdogan is a Fascist " 
Los Angeles, Tuesday, 1st of June  2010

CNN poll
Dariush F.

Dariush F.

    Vehicle stranded in east Jerusalem neighborhood due to car trouble pelted with stones, Molotov cocktails. Passengers rescued by Border Guard officers unharmed

    Photo: AP

    Family members of one of the soldiers killed in İskenderun on Monday, Erhan Terletme, bid farewell to him.
    A supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood holds a candidates placard (1 June 2010)

    Sudanese policemen mobilise ahead of the 2010 World Cup qualification play-off between Egypt and Algeria in Khartoum, Sudan, 18 November, 2009

    Do You Want A Mosque In Ground Zero? Take Action Today!
    Now is the time to take action and have your voice heard. There are rallies, petitions and other activities going on just so that you can make a difference. RadicalIslam.org is providing you with a forum where you can see what is going on to fight the building of a mosque at Ground Zero. Now you can publicize your own events or learn about others by simply posting a forum topic.

    Biden backs Gaza flotilla raid

    tanehnazan/ Thank you Sir ,it seems that Not every one in Mr. Obama's Administration is Out Of His Mind!. 
    Photo: AFP
    tanehnazan/ Mr. President You have not to bring any excuse up to delay sanctions on IRAN ( as you have been doing it in the past 1/5 years! ) So please don't put this irresponsibility  of yours on the shoulders of the JEWISH STATE!

    tanehnazan/ Mr. Ban Ki-Moon How about the Cuba's report to your office ( June Second 2010 ) asking you TO END the U.S. Blockade of The ILAND?. How the h...  you want to ORDER U.S. to lift it's Blockade of Cuba? To deal with America is not as easy as dealing with Israel as YOU KNOW!.

    Pictures : " Shalev  ",The  Israeli Ambassador in U.N & " Ban Ki-Moon " 
    Photo: ReutersPhoto: AFP

    Turkish protest (Archive photo: AP)


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    2. To Mr. Ardeshir Ommani

      Dear son Care more about the misery that is going on in our beloved country Iran and to the men and the women of there who sell themselves to the most dangerous drugs & Alcohol and prostitution and their innocent children to the Arabs, Africans, Pakistanis , Afghans and .....for some extra money to earn !.
      Don't be like that leave the Israelis and the palestinians problems to them and pay more attention to the Mullas regime in our country! son!.


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