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 Would South Africa Take Action Against The Jewish State * Israel * ?!

Susan Halimi / England
 South Africa is considering expelling the Israeli Ambassador from its country. It is possible that this could cause a diplomatic avalanche heard many third world countries and perhaps others would also then
follow suit, leaving Israel quite isolated. That Isolation could in turn create some severe difficulties for Israel. I believe that any sort of diplomatic isolation of Israel will be more dangerous than the
1975 U.N. Zionism is Racism Resolution was, because at that time the United States very clearly and openly had Israel's back. That is sadly not Israel's present reality. Hence anything we can do to help stem an
international anti-Israel tide is significant. Below is a link from a South African website that is conducting a public opinion poll on whether South Africa should expel the Israeli Ambassador. As of today June 9th with 115,000 votes in its 51% yes to break off diplomatic
relations and 49% no. Please vote, I do believe that the South African Government will be looking at this poll as a possible factor in their decision.

Israel has since launched an "independent public commission". Do you think Israel's internal probe is enough?

Bosnia’s Vote, Exemplifies Iran’s Policies

Abbas Abdi / Iran
There is a key difference between sports and politics. Results of a sporting game are decisive, clear and quantitative. But the results of a political act are qualitative, debatable and even justifiable.

To the Person Who Turned Neda into a Voice

I am writing this in honor of someone I have never seen, Neda, who through the last moments of her life recorded Iran’s voice and cry. And as blood gushed out of her heart and eyes only the screams of her cries could be heard.

The Velayat Faghih Pipeline Network

A friend of mine was telling me the other day that velayat faghih (i.e. the rule of the clerics) has become a pipeline network in Iran. He explained that Mr. Khamenei, the absolute ruler, is the primary feed of the pipeline.

Photo: Ohad Zoigenberg
Jews, go out to work
United Torah Judaism Knesset Member Moshe Gafni said this week that High Court judges have never ruled in favor of the haredim. He may have gotten carried away a little, ...
Full story 
Hagai Segal(14:06 , 06.19.10 )
Photo: Ofer Amram
No need to exaggerate
The emotional statements made by members of the commission of inquiry into the failure in handling Gaza Strip evacuees, including scary declarations dubbing the pullout ...
Full story 
Shulamit Aloni(00:56 , 06.18.10 )
Photo: Yoni Hamenachem
Capitulation not an option
Had I been a haredi functionary, I would have gathered my followers last night and told them: “Guys, stop it. You’re giving them ideas.” Why? Because my taxes fund ...
Full story 
Yair Lapid(15:05 , 06.17.10 )
Photo: Yaron Brener
Is Barak good for Israel?
Watch out! Defense Minister Ehud Barak is about to unleash his "genius" upon us, again. "There is no way to rehabilitate ties with the (US) Administration without ...
Full story 
Moshe Dann(11:03 , 06.17.10 )

Photo: Digital Close-Up, Rishon Lezion
Betrayed by the State
Almost five years ago, then-18-year-old Renana Kapach (nee Marmelstein) was evacuated from her home in the Gush Katif community of Ganei Tal. In the months before the ...
Full story 
Renana Kapach(00:47 , 06.17.10 )
Photo: Shai Vaknin
Extortion in God’s name
Just look at what’s been happening here in recent days: Parents in Emanuel declare that they will not adhere to the High Court of Justice’s decision, thereby rebelling ...
Full story 
Assaf Wohl(18:01 , 06.16.10 )

Photo: Gil Yohanan
Extortion in God’s name
Just look at what’s been happening here in recent days: Parents in Emanuel declare that they will not adhere to the High Court of Justice’s decision, thereby rebelling ...
Full story 

Assaf Wohl(18:01 , 06.16.10 )
Photo: Yaron Brener
Welcome to the boys’ club
If the undeniable male predominance in politics, the military, and the police force has not yet convinced us that Israel is just one big boys' club, the Erez Efrati case ...
Full story 

Adi Dvir(11:03 , 06.16.10 )
Photo: AP
Indifference and outrage
During his millennium address to the White House a decade ago, Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel told a distinguished audience that the horrors of the 20th century were possible ...
Full story 

Ophir Falk(00:29 , 06.16.10 )
Photo: AP
The new American Jews
According to emissaries, leaders, and researchers in the US, the stereotypical image of the American Jew who attributes mystical-religious meaning to Israel, is deeply ...
Full story 

Yisrael Wolman(18:21 , 06.15.10 )

FREE IRAN in World Cup 2010, Johannesburg June 12
Daryoush Setareh

The new American Jews
Young US Jews proud of their Judaism but are less attached to Israel 

Yisrael Wolman(18:21 , 06.15.10 )

Fayyad has chance to do for the Palestinians what Ben-Gurion did for Jews 

Gadi Taub(11:50 , 06.15.10 )
It’s the message, stupid!
Israel’s PR woes stem from problem plaguing Jewish people for centuries 

Glenn Jasper(00:06 , 06.15.10 )
Sovereignty under attack
Inquiry into flotilla incident paves way for questioning Israel’s right to exist 

Yehuda Wegman(17:28 , 06.14.10 )
Losing our ability to think
Israeli society losing its ability to engage in reasoned, in depth debate 

Emmanuel Rosen(11:44 , 06.14.10 )
Obama doctrine failing
Effort to appease Islam does not seem to be working for America 

Zvi Mazel(00:43 , 06.14.10 )
Anti-Jewish apartheid
While Jews can’t build in West Bank, Palestinians constructing new city 

Yoaz Hendel(18:06 , 06.13.10 )
Time to sober up, Israel
We thought we can fool the world all the time, but we were wrong 

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