Dariush F.

As on the website: "Blame Game:
the Truth" "
  • The CNN is currently showing as 
  • 59% against Israel, the improvement
  •  is thanks to your support, but to make an
  •  impact and swing it the other way,
  •  please vote to show our support
  •  for Israel! Please go to this link and 
  • see bottom of opening page for poll :

  • http://edition.cnn.com/WORLD/   

  • Legal and Diplomatic Questions

    • c. Statement by HE Aharon Leshno-Yaar to the UN HRC, Geneva [attached] View video
    • e. World Jewish Congress statement on the Israeli Operation aboard the "Gaza Freedom Flotilla" [attached]
    1. Images and Response Mechanisms
    • The Community Internet Engagement website at the Zionist Federation of Australia offers sophisticated technological support for Hasbara specialists, and there is also a public web on http://www.internetengagement.com.au/ . You can contact them through our office if you have materials for them:

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