A petition for the release of Sgt Shalit outside the PM's residence in Jerusalem, 24 June

Rally for Gilad Shalit (Photo: Avishag Shear Yeshuv)

Photo: AFPPhoto: AFP

US Congress backs Iran sanctions

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
I . S . Shadmehr

Friedman says reforms slowed in Iran, Russia and Venezuela as oil prices go up. Hürriyet photo

Dariush Fakheri

Photo: CDBank

Israel's answer to flotillas – helping Gaza's children

Regional Cooperation Ministry, EU to allocate about $750,000 towards 'Save a Child's Heart' project, which helps fund surgery for Palestinian children, as well as kids from developing nations. Mother of Kurdish child: We didn't keep our trip to Israel a secre
Photo: Sheila Shalhevet

Author Avi Rubinstein designs special puzzle written in Braille, which allows blind people to solve game independently. 'If I wanted to solve a crossword puzzle in the past, I had to have someone read it to me,' says 26-year-old Yisrael Sofer

CNN's Christian Amanpour asks Ahmadinejad a question during today's (6-14-09) press conference

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