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Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, reiterated its condemnation against the state of Israel, which took by assault the Freedom Flotilla en route to Gaza with humanitarian aid. The president said the U.S. government "is a double standard," he declared feeling concerned about the attack, but not convicted. "Long live the people of Palestine, heroic people, good people!, Said Chavez.

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez on Wednesday reiterated its condemnation of Israeli assault against the Freedom Flotilla en route to Gaza with humanitarian aid and accused the U.S. of having double standards.

"I take to opportunity to condemn from the depths of my soul, from the bottom of my guts the State of Israel, State of Israel may you be  cursed,terrorists and murderers," said the head of state during his speech at Diana Plant Industry,  a socialist oil company recovered by the State, in Valencia,  in the State of Carabobo.

The president expressed his concern at the attack which led the Israeli army against the fleet of six ships that went to help the people of Gaza.

"The United States are concerned, imagine that the attack had occurred in Venezuelan waters, and  had invaded, we would be invaded, but as Israel is allowed to do everything, it is a government with double standards," said Chavez.

He claimed that Washington "condemns terrorism as long as it is not committed by themselves”.

The president of the South American nation revealed that there are commands of the Mossad, Israel's secret service which is responsible for kidnappings and killings, "who are after me (...) this is one of the threats (...) but we get along”.

Chávez said that the approach mandated by the State of Israel is a "war crime", so he asked “where is international justice? Where is the International Criminal Court (ICC), the United Nations, where is the justice in this world?", Claimed the president.

He said the Venezuelan opposition, which has not pronounced itself against the attack, is funded by Israel. "Israel supports the Venezuelan opposition, the counter," he said.

"Long live the people of Palestine, heroic people, good people!" Cried out, the president.

The Venezuelan leader stressed that his government had nothing against the Jewish people, whom he respects and loves.

"They charge that I hate Jews, go to my greeting and respect to the Jewish community they know they have our affection and respect," he said.

The Latin American country's leader said he did not consider that the Venezuelan Jewish community supported this slaughter.

"I doubt very much that a Venezuelan Jewish support such an atrocity," he said. 

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