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Hypocrisy’s finest hour
In an interview with PBS earlier this year, Richard Goldstone was quite amazed by a question regarding the suspicion that he and others may, heaven forbid, adopt a double ...
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Shaul Rosenfeld(00:29 , 07.30.10 )
Photo: AP
Iranian regime falling apart
About a year after the fraudulent elections in Iran and the mass demonstrations that followed, and a month after the world started to target Iran's oil and gas ...
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Guy Bechor(18:30 , 07.29.10 )
Photo: Gabi Menashe
Delusion instead of solution
Western policy-makers grow increasingly reconciled to coexistence with a nuclear Iran. They assume that notwithstanding the radical rhetoric, the Iranian leadership is ...
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Yoram Ettinger(11:43 , 07.29.10 )
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Time for introspection
This year, Tisha B'Av (the annual Jewish fast day commemorating the destruction of both the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem) once again reminded us of the dangers ...
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Robert S. Wistrich(00:42 , 07.29.10 )

A Hamas policeman checks passports at Rafah

IDF soldiers in front of the Kirya in Tel Aviv
Don’t interfere in US vote
Op-ed: Internal US debate on relationship with Jewish state not in Israel’s 
Ben Thein(18:52 , 07.28.10 )
Drifting away from civility 
Op-ed: Lack of discipline among young Israelis prompts our trademark aggression, 
Motti Ravid(12:25 , 07.28.10 )
Chelsea and the Jews
Op-ed: Chelsea Clinton’s wedding another symptom of declining US Jewish 
Aliza Lavi(18:38 , 07.27.10 )
The curse of anonymity
Op-ed: Under cover of anonymity, readers create violent, shallow talkback 
Avi Rath(12:02 , 07.27.10 )
Nasrallah is scared
Op-ed: Major regional shifts expected should Saudis, allies be able to contain 
Smadar Peri(01:00 , 07.27.10 )
Facing a leadership crisis
Op-ed: Israel, West desperate for leaders like Churchill, Roosevelt, and 
Eitan Haber(18:36 , 07.26.10 )
Europe's Jewish problem
Op-ed: EU hostile to Jewish State because Israel’s success flaunts Europe’s 
Moshe Dann(10:51 , 07.26.10 )
In search of scientists
Op-ed: Israel’s future threatened by declining interest in science, growing 
Benjamin Ehrenberg(23:53 , 07.25.10 )
Say no to annexation
Op-ed: Annexing Judea, Samaria would lead to bi-national state, Zionism’s demise 
Gadi Taub(18:20 , 07.25.10 )
Searching for a home
Op-ed: How ‘housing’ turned into ‘real state’, and why Israelis can’t afford to 

(11:06 , 07.25.10 )

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