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    Pregnant Iranian faces death
      Tehran court rules woman convicted of adultery to be executed by stoning despite pregnancy

      • American administration says nuclear scientist who claimed was nabbed by CIA was agency's longtime spy. 'His safety depends on him sticking to fairy tale about pressure, torture,' says anonymous official
      Photo: AFPPhoto: Reuters

      Photo: AFPPhoto: IDF Spokesperson's Office

        Jundallah, a Sunni organization that draws support from Iran's ethnic Baluch minority and inspiration from Osama bin Laden's extremist ideology, ...

        Fars news agency says members of Revolutionary Guards among those killed, injured in twin blasts outside mosque in Zahedan
        Photo: AP

        Jabotinsky had Hitler in crosshairs
        British colonel's diary reveals how Revisionist Zionist leader planned to murder Nazi tyrant

         Riots break out in his village as police search his home

        ( the daughter of former Egyptian President " Gamal Abdul Nasser " )

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