Daveed Fakheri

Photo: Zoom 77
Story of life and death
What a coincidence: One of the terrorists who roughly a month ago murdered police officer Shuki Sofer was designated as a “humanitarian case” just two months ago. ...
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Hagai Segal(14:00 , 07.23.10 )
Photo: Gil Yohanan
The tragedy of arrogance
Each person and every nation cultivate their pride. This is a natural human need, yet not everyone can distinguish between pride and arrogance. This requires ...
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Amnon Shmosh(00:43 , 07.23.10 )
Time to counter Assad
The Middle East has experienced a paradigm shift in recent years prompted by unfinished business in Syria and Iran. At the same time that countries in the region watch ...
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Farid Ghadry(18:29 , 07.22.10 )
Photo: Gali Tibbon
Calling a spade a spade
Reactions in the American Jewish community to the conversion bill in Israel are somewhat misplaced. Criticism has focused on the fact that the bill, by granting the ...
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Mairav Zonszein(11:17 , 07.22.10 )
Israel, get professionals! 
Op-ed: Next Gaza-bound flotilla will do more damage unless we change our PR 
Ronn Torossian(00:39 , 07.22.10 )
The disengagement sin
Op-ed: Despite promises, our security situation, global status didn’t improve 
Shlomo Engel(18:07 , 07.21.10 )
Leave Mubarak alone
Op-ed: Israeli preoccupation with Egyptian president’s health irritates Cairo 
Smadar Peri(12:03 , 07.21.10 )
The good life in Gaza
Op-ed: Images from new Gaza mall's grand opening raise questions about 'crisis' 
Jacob Shrybman(23:56 , 07.20.10 )
Just a matter of time
Op-ed: Lieberman knows that sooner or later, Netanyahu will be ready to get rid 
Sima Kadmon(00:23 , 07.20.10 )
The peace paradox
Op-ed: Peace-seeking Israel perceived as weak and as such invites Arab 
Elyakim Haetzni(18:02 , 07.19.10 )
A welcome ‘Jewish’ step
Op-ed: Israel fully entitled to demand pledge of allegiance, similarly to other 
Shaul Rosenfeld(11:34 , 07.19.10 )
Jewish and democratic?
Op-ed: Shulamit Aloni slams Citizenship Law amendment, ‘Jewish’ pledge of 
Shulamit Aloni(00:16 , 07.19.10 )
And justice for all?
Op-ed: Case against Cairo Jewish leader raises questions about Egyptian press 
Zvi Mazel(18:38 , 07.18.10 )
The threat of fundamentalism 
Op-ed: Extreme fundamentalism threatens traditional Jewish, Zionist vision 
Michael Graetz(11:04 , 07.18.10 )
Limit Israel’s boycott fans
Op-ed: Israeli academicians’ improper political activity threatens colleagues, 
Eli Pollak, Mordechai Kedar(13:47 , 07.17.10 )
Make conversion easier
Op-ed: Israel needs lenient conversion law that welcomes converts into our ranks 
Ron Breiman(14:35 , 07.16.10 )
Bring Jordan into equation
Op-ed: Jordan intimately linked to Palestinian problem and should help resolve 
Guy Bechor(23:42 , 07.15.10 )
Why peace won’t happen
Op-ed: Palestinian state alongside Israel would contradict essence of 

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