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Shut the Majlis, oh Brothers!

The battle that coup perpetrators in Iran are wagging with the other faction on the right which has till now not fully surrendered to the rules of Ahmadinejad’s military-security administration supported by Mr. Khamenei himself, has reached new heights as the fight has turned to seize the country’s largest institution of higher education, Azad University.

Anniversary of Your Passing…

The anniversary of your passing, Neda, just came. In the first days of your passing, your murderers believed that nobody would follow up on you and the propaganda machinery of the state decided to pay an Irish woman to make a film pretending to be searching for your murderer, just like a foreign Hollywood movie, but this time they wanted to hide the real murderers and portray those who have been suffering to be the culprit.


Photo: Inbal Zafrani
The settlement stain
Israelis don’t always understand the meaning of the settlements in the eyes of the world: Outside Israel, the continuation of the settlement enterprise is no less than ...
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Gadi Taub(18:04 , 07.01.10 )
Photo: Getty Images Bank
World doesn’t hate us
SOUTH AFRICA – “Just don’t say you’re from Israel,” several people told me just before I departed for South Africa, to cover the World Cup. At first I listened to them ...
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Izzy Ein Dor(11:02 , 07.01.10 )
Photo: Avihu Shapira
Israel’s fateful withdrawal
The withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000 constitutes a significant and special event; an attempt to shape our security reality in the north unilaterally, while aiming to ...
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Gabriel Siboni(00:44 , 07.01.10 )
Where is the world?
Sakineh Ashitani has been sentenced to death by stoning in Iran. The image of the miserable woman being led to her death, the hurling of the stones, the saliva dripping ...
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Yoaz Hendel(18:01 , 06.30.10 )

Obama’s 10 Commandments
American president’s worldview premised on questionable assertions 
Yoram Ettinger(11:09 , 06.30.10 )
Fight deaths on our roads
Yoram Kaniuk urges officials to treat killers on our roads as we treat West Bank 
Yoram Kaniuk(00:46 , 06.30.10 )
Say no to Shalit campaign 
Israelis should counter Shalit march, which threatens our existence 
Hagi Ben-Artzi(17:59 , 06.29.10 )
In praise of ‘Jewish amateurs’
Assaf Wohl slams ‘over-consumption’ of religious laws, lauds Jewish moderation 
Assaf Wohl(11:06 , 06.29.10 )
Female hypocrisy on Gaza
Free Gaza women back Hamas, a group committed to shunning women's rights 
Anav Silverman(00:13 , 06.29.10 )
Lost and confused 
We attribute more importance to freeing Shalit than to swap's future 
Elazar Stern(17:56 , 06.28.10 )
The Pollard debacle 
Portraying spy Jonathan Pollard as national hero keeps him in US prison 
Eitan Haber(11:00 , 06.28.10 )
The American Jew’s dilemma 
Sara Reef wonders whether Diaspora Jews have the ‘right’ to speak on State of 
Sara Reef(12:51 , 06.26.10 )
Protest won’t change a thing
Military operation is only way to secure captive soldier Gilad Shalit’s release 



Ehud Barak
In praise of wars of choice
Whoever declares in advance that he is abandoning Israel's traditional combat doctrine - one founded on preemptive counterattack - is actually inviting the enemy to launch its own first strikes.
by Israel Harel33 comments
The protest march, led by Noam Shalit to free his son, Gilad.
Life as a soap opera
The time has come to move up a grade. The time has come to grow up and understand that everything is political - that the real solution to our problems is political, and thus the battle can only be political.
by Gideon Levy4 comments
Former Supreme Court justice Jacob Turkel
Bolstering Turkel
Turkel must demand not only investigative powers, but also the power to determine factual findings, draw conclusions and make recommendations about both the conduct of the government and the preparations of the military establishment.
Haaretz Editorial12 comments
Woman next to West Bank fence
A bi-delusional state
This land will either be home to two nation-states for two peoples, or one nation-state - a Palestinian Arab state. The concept of a nation-state is not going to disappear from here; it would behoove us to make sure that Israel doesn't disappear.
by Alexander Yakobson105 comments
Haim Ramon with the female officer at the center of the 'kiss affair'
A personal failure, not a systemic one
The agencies concerned are now faced with the question of what conclusions to draw with regard to those responsible for the grave mishaps that occurred in the Ramon case.
Haaretz Editorial0 comments
Benjamin Netanyahu
Makeup exam
Instead of citing hostile statements from the archives of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Netanyahu needs to present Obama with a practical proposal that can be neatly packaged and marketed.
by Aluf Benn13 comments
Participants in the march for Gilad Shalit arriving in Acre on Monday
Behind the Shalits' back
the protest hiding behind the narrow backs of Aviva and Noam Shalit wants politics, but a different politics - simply politics that will restore them their lost status and weaken the other sectors that are disturbing their rest.
by Avirama Golan3 comments
Education Minister Gideon Saar
Why Israeli academia will be boycotted
Education Minister Sa'ar's recent initiatives are a sign of the Israeli government's increasing self-seclusion inside a bunker of delusions, as it distances itself from considerations guided by historical, political and social wisdom. His recent statements befit benighted regimes that have lost connection to the world, like Iran and other totalitarian states.
by Moshe Shoked18 comments
East Jerusalem
Off the linguistic map
A leading Israeli linguist seeks to erase this country's Arab past in a bid to prove to the entire world that it is under Jewish ownership, and that the Arabs of Jerusalem have no linguistic and spatial identity connecting them to 'terrestrial Jerusalem' and the city where they have been living for generations.
by Amar Dahamshe45 comments
High Court
Scandalous plea bargains
After prolonged study, one can establish unequivocally that the State Prosecutor's Office and its district offices make a mockery of morality, flout the law, ignore public sentiment and are lazy. The law is no longer being enforced.
by Gavriel Strasman0 comments
Participants in the march for Gilad Shalit arriving in Acre on Monday
Another neutralized struggle
It has become common in Israel to complain that the public is apathetic and doesn't do anything, that nothing draws it out into the streets. The case of Gilad Shalit exemplifies the extent to which this is in fact inaccurate.
by Merav Michaeli1 comments
Compromise and question marks
Coexistence in a polarized, multicultural society demands compromise, and agreements reached after substantive dialogue between the interested parties, through the shared understanding that the country's laws apply to all.
Haaretz Editorial14 comments
Azmi Bishara
First of all, academic integrity
Circles in the extreme right have been trying for a long time to harm the academic freedom of faculty members in institutions of higher education in Israel. Now it is clear that that academic freedom faces a threat from the extreme left as well.
by Eppie Ya'ar6 comments
cartoon of Iran sending uranium to Gaza
The scarecrow
There is a long tradition of frightening people over the release of terrorists. The suggestion of talking to the Palestine Liberation Organization was once an especially frightening scarecrow, as was the establishment of a Palestinian state.
by Gideon Levy

It is important to know our roots and background, but at the same time, it is imperative to free ourselves from religious extremism and from cultural and ideological separatism.



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