Oscar-wining director tells Sunday Times more Russians suffered at Hitler's hands than Jewish people, adding US policy towards Iran 'horrible'. Minister Edelstein: Remarks could lead to a new wave of anti-Semitism

American director's upcoming Showtime documentary promises to put mass-murderers 'in context'. According to Stone, 'Stalin, Hitler, Mao and McCarthy have been vilified pretty thoroughly by history'
All The Men Of Oliver Stone" The Enemies Of The state "

Oliver Stone With Hugo Chavez

Oliver Stone And Mell Gibson

Oliver Stone With Castro

Oliver Stone And Hitler

Oliver Stone And The American Hostages In Tehran

Oliver Stone And Mosolini

Oliver Stone And Mao

Oliver Stone And Ahmadinejad

Muslims Use The 
 To Bring The Dangerous  " Inmates " From Every Where to ISLAM & Make Out Them " SHAHIDS " / Holly Martyrs

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