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The message must be universal
It would be inappropriate for there to be built at Ground Zero - the site of an attack against an all-embracing way of life - any edifice that represents a particular religious belief.
Green, in uniform
Each new generation of recruits raises the bar higher, reminding their commanders to recycle and save energy, asking tough questions that are echoed up the ranks.
by Jon Liberzon0 comments
A cautionary tale
Despite the rigidities and dogmatic absurdities of Trotskyist ideology, its heirs still exercise a certain radicalizing influence - not least in their unconditional embrace of the Palestinian cause.
by Robert Wistrich0 comments
Don't take it personally
Instead of allowing the boycotters to frame the Israeli artistic scene, why not put an ear to the concert hall, or peek into a gallery, here at home?
by Jo-Ann Mort1 comments
The poet's political correctness
We have a duty to criticize, judge and even take clear positions, even when the views sound unpleasant.
by Salman Masalha0 comments
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Ahmadinejad must be splitting his sides laughing
It doesn't make any difference whether Galant emerges from the affair looking good or bad. The question that needs to be investigated quickly is whether a group of people conspired to target the IDF chief himself.
by Yoel Marcus0 comments
If Peres is right
The top brass are viewed as a giant tree under whose shadow alone the public is prepared to shelter.
by Yossi Sarid5 comments
Will the real McCarthy please stand up
Haaretz's editors may be the only reputable people in the country who genuinely believe that there is no serious anti-Zionism bias in Israel's sociology departments.
by Joel Golovensky1 comments
Protecting academia
As education minister and chairman of the Council for Higher Education, Sa'ar must go beyond his feeble condemnation of the attempt to sabotage the universities' balance sheets.
Haaretz Editorial1 comments
Gabi Ashkenazi
Hard questions for Ashkenazi
How did Ashkenazi act when he encountered other documents? The incident casts doubt on his three years of service.
Yes, investigate
We must apply the lessons of the fifty-year old Lavon Affair: There can be no cover-ups, because they corrode the government.
by Aluf Benn3 comments
A daring initiative for the good of humanity
Business must follow science in democratizing knowledge in the Internet age.
by Amalia Rosenblum2 comments
star of david
What's in a name?
The term 'Jewish state' is indeed liable to be abused, but so is any other.
by Alexander Yakobson66 comments
Everything should be taught
An academic institution does not belong to the state, but to all of mankind.
by Menachem Mautner42 comments
The boundaries of responsibility
Israel's government and army should once and for all decide who is responsible for what, and end the never ending cycle of blaming one another.
by Eitan Ben Eliyahu1 comments
A sociological putsch
President of Tel Aviv University, Prof. Joseph Klafter, has his hands full weighing whether the institution he heads has become post-Zionist.
by Neri Livneh2 comments
A history of forgeries / A coup in the Kirya
If the reports are true, 'Galantgate' was a coup by a military faction against the elected civilian leadership.
by Aluf Benn2 comments
IDF chief of staff Gabi Ashkenazi, GOC Central Commander Yoav Galant, Defense Minister Ehud Barak
The IDF chief's dilemma
The Galant case currently reads like a John Le Carre novel, where characters turn from loyal to treasonous and from villains into heroes.
by Amir Oren1 comments
Im Tirtzu's onslaught / No to the thought police
If the face of Zionism resembles that of Im Tirzu and its funders, we should consider a face transplant.
by Yossi Sarid27 comments
We are all Zuabi
Efforts to expel from the Knesset the Arabs who are representing their voters, in addition to racist laws the current Knesset is promoting, are liable to turn Israel into a new model of apartheid state.
by Zuheir Andreus57 comments
An appalling army experience
The humiliation of Palestinian detainees must not be remembered as the 'best time' of any soldier's army experience.
Haaretz Editorial

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