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English, September 4 . 2010
 Iranian, Shahrivar 13 . 1389
Hebrew / Israeli, Elul 29 . 5770

The same bacteria that make your sweaty socks smell are responsible for some 1.7 million hospital-associated infections in the US alone. An Israeli antibacterial fabric may offer a solution

The stars are both behind the cameras and onscreen at Israel's annual women's film festival, which thi  year focuses on women who live with ongoing, national conflict.

International Film Festival

Shimon Steinberg

Tel Aviv University film school

Intel Israel's new green office building

Sentigo stock prices sentiment technology


Train Safety

Baruch Minke

Anti-mosque game sparks row in Austria
Two years after the death of controversial Austrian politician Jörg Haider, his far-right party has sparked a new row in the European country – this time among Muslims. ...
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Raymond-Raoul Lambert, born in Paris in 1894,

was an ambitious and courageous man. Like many

French Jews

 other ,
he took part in World War I,
 and was proud to serve his country. Between the world
 wars he edited a Jewish newspaper in France, and after
 the Nazi rise to power in Germany he became a
 major figure in social welfare organizations
 that assisted refugees who reached France
 and Germany from Eastern Europe. Lambert
 believed in France's declared, fundamental values. 
He did not sense any contradiction between his
 Jewish identity and his French identity;
 in fact, he believed in a symbiosis between 
Jews and Frenchmen.

Raymond-Raoul Lambert

Jennifer Aniston

Photo: Yariv Katz
Paris roundup survivor tells her story
July 16, 1942 is a day Madeleine Testyler, like all Jews living in occupied Paris at the time, will never forget. On that day, 13,152 Jews, mostly women and children, ...
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Noah Klieger(16:27 , 09.03.10 )
Photo: Reuters
Mormon church, Jewish leaders tackle proxy baptism
The Mormon church says it has changed its genealogical database to better prevent the names of Jews killed in Nazi concentration camps from being submitted for posthumous ...
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Associated Press(08:00 , 09.03.10 )
Photo: Amit Magal
Living in ultra-Orthodox closet
This wasn't the first time he had tried. At first, he filled the bathtub with water and tried to drown himself. Later, he thought of entering the sea and never coming ...
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Ravid Oren(16:08 , 09.02.10 )
Photo: Visual Photos
Rabbinate bans sale of non-koshered meat
Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger has ordered a complete halt in importers' sale of non-koshered meat to Israeli chains. Metzger's decision has great implications ...
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Ari Galahar(07:29 , 09.02.10 )
Photo: Reuters
German Jewish group wants banker fired
Germany's Jewish community urged the central bank on Tuesday to sack a board member who polarized the nation by making disparaging comments about Muslim immigrants and ...
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Reuters(14:28 , 09.01.10 )
Photo: AFP
Cave of Patriarchs to remain open 24/7
For the first time in years, the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron will be open 24 hours a day for prayer. Following a special request from the Kiryat Arba – Hebron ...
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Kobi Nahshoni(18:00 , 08.31.10 )
Rabbinate provides address for couples whose Judaism is contested
The Council of the Chief Rabbinate ruled on Monday that the two chief rabbis will appoint marriage registrars to address the issues confronting couples who encounter ...
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Ari Galahar(21:10 , 08.30.10 )
Photo: Eli Elgarat
Immigrating out of fear
About a week ago, Turkish Jews invited about 200 Muslims to break the Ramadan fast at the main synagogue in Istanbul. The response was overwhelming, and even Istanbul ...
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Danny Adino Ababa(19:18 , 08.30.10 )
Photo: Neve Rosenberg
Singer gets flogged over 'forbidden' gig
The sinner lifted his shirt and recited the confession. A court clerk pressed him against the tree pole and began flogging him with a special whip. The three judges ...
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Kobi Nahshoni(08:01 , 08.30.10 )
Photo: AP
'Jew's ear juice' anyone?
The Consulate General of Israel in Shanghai recently was surprised to discover on the shelves of a local supermarket chain a canned beverage called "The Jew's Ear Juice." ...

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