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Saturday, September 18. 2010
Shabbat, Tishrei 10 . 5771

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Apoptosis in the brain
Israel Ice Hockey League game
Sun bathers

Videochats for Facebook
ICTAF Director, Dr. Yair Sharon
Tel Aviv's first office eco-tower

Susan Halimi / England

World's most beautiful synagogues
For the third year in a row, Ynet embarks on a pictorial journey of the most beautiful synagogues on the eve of Yom Kippur. Two years ago, the synagogues were chosen by ...
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Yoav Friedman(13:46 , 09.17.10 )
Photo: Reuters
Wild Jewish New Year prophecies
The Jewish New Year is upon us and with it a number of predictions, coming surprisingly from the mouths of rabbis specializing in 'kosher' mysticism. Among prophecies ...
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Kobi Nahshoni(08:32 , 09.17.10 )
Photo: Rinat Malkes
61% of Israeli Jews to fast on Yom Kippur
Yom Kippur fast remains one of most popular mitzvot among Israel's citizen. A survey conducted by Ynet and the Yesodot association reveals that this year as well, the ...
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Kobi Nahshoni(19:21 , 09.16.10 )
Tel Aviv: Haredim, seculars in chicken slaughter feud
Over 2,000 people have signed a petition, led by Tel Aviv City Council Member Reuven Lediansky, calling on Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai to prohibit the ceremonial ...
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Yoav Zitun(14:39 , 09.16.10 )
Amazon Jews get special Yom Kippur prayer book
Some 3,500 Sephardic Jews living in northern Brazil's Amazon region will mark this coming Yom Kippur with their own Machzor, translated for the first time into ...
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Ynetnews(07:45 , 09.16.10 )
Photo: AFP
Ethiopian bride's fight for Jewish marriage
An Ethiopian woman fought for four years to be recognized as a Jew refusing rabbis' demands to undergo conversion procedures and was even forced to postpone her wedding. ...
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Tova Dadon(16:40 , 09.15.10 )
Photo: AP
Jewish group to Time: Apologize for cover story
After having received calls and e-mails from around the country expressing outrage at Time magazine’s September 2 article, “Why Israel doesn’t care about peace,” the ...
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Ynetnews(07:34 , 09.15.10 )
Photo: AFP
Rabbi rolling in his grave
Ukraine – Hasidic followers are not the only ones making the annual pilgrimage to Rabbi Nachman of Breslov's gravesite in the Ukrainian city of Uman. The past few years ...
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Akiva Novick(19:12 , 09.14.10 )
Photo: AFP
Kyrgyzstan shul attacked on Rosh Hashana
An explosive device was hurled into the courtyard of the synagogue in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, on the first day of Rosh Hashana. There were no injuries because no one ...
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Ynetnews(08:39 , 09.14.10 )
Photo: Ata Awisat
Daniel Pereg: My heart is here
One of the defining symbols of the flotilla incident was Daniel Pereg, a Jewish teen from Beverly Hills, who marched alone, with an Israeli flag, in front of a ...
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Akiva Novick(12:07 , 09.13.10 )
Photo: AP
Yad Vashem gets access to Polish archives
Israel's Holocaust museum Yad Vashem signed an agreement with Poland on Monday that gives it access to World War II-era documents held in archives across the eastern ...
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Associated Press(10:34 , 09.13.10 )
Photo: AFP
New Mumbai rabbi highlights Jewish mission
As they prepared for the High Holidays last week, the Jewish community in India's financial capital Mumbai had good news to report two years after its rabbi there died in ...
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Reuters(16:18 , 09.12.10 )
Photo: GPO
Mezuzah thieves run wild
Crosses, newspaper pages, and empty plastic boxes – these are just some of the things the Chabad Youth's "mezuzah patrol" has uncovered. Out of 15,000 mezuzot inspected ...
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Akiva Novick(07:26 , 09.12.10 )
Hungary's oldest synagogue reopens
Thousands of Hungarian Jews participated this week in a ceremonial reopening of the country's oldest synagogue, which was previously expropriated from the Jewish ...
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Ynet(08:18 , 09.11.10 )
Photo: Shai Rosenzweig
50,000 Hasidim mark New Year in Ukraine
Tens of thousands of Hasidic Jews from around the world gathered in a small Ukrainian city Thursday to mark the Jewish New Year at the tomb of their spiritual leader – an ...
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Associated Press(10:06 , 09.10.10 )

Israel's Critical Security Needs for a Viable Peace
Dalia Shemesh Israel
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