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October 2 . 201
Mehr 10 . 1389
Tishrei 24 . 5771

Photo: Zoom 77
Leftists are to blame
Sufian Abu Zaida screamed this week on the radio that no Palestinian would ever agree to see even one stone built in the settlements. At that very moment, I could see ...
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Hagai Segal(14:54 , 10.01.10 )
Photo: Shahar Azran
Listen to Lieberman
All those people who are now calling for Avigdor Lieberman to quit, or be fired, should know that we’ve seen similar conduct by previous foreign ministers. For example, ...
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Haim Misgav(15:10 , 09.30.10 )
Photo: Nadia Matar
Let Jews build homes
Conventional wisdom says that “Israel promised (the US) to destroy all ‘unauthorized outposts,’ and, therefore, must fulfill its obligations.” If the government is ...
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Moshe Dann(00:49 , 09.29.10 )
Photo: AP
What about the Arabs?
Both the Israeli and Palestinian leaderships don’t want an agreement and cannot secure one. The suspicious are too existential, the leaderships are too week, the ...
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Guy Bechor(18:16 , 09.28.10 )
The sins of the media
Op-ed: New Year a good time for changing bad habits, such as flawed anti-Israel 
Gilead Ini(11:07 , 09.28.10 )
Bibi needed the headlines
Op-ed: Screaming headlines declaring end to construction freeze priceless for 
Attila Somfalvi(00:22 , 09.28.10 )
Israel’s settlement folly
Op-ed: Settlement enterprise a tragic example of state acting against its own 
Uri Misgav(11:06 , 09.27.10 )
Dream became a nightmare
Op-ed: UN’s human rights body composed of world’s worst human right violators 
Omer Gertel(00:58 , 09.27.10 )
Jewish message to Obama
Op-ed: American Jews should not vote for any Democrat in upcoming US elections 
Shoula Romano Horing(11:12 , 09.26.10 )
The broken UN dream
Op-ed: UN committees where human right violators reign supreme have become a 
Yoaz Hendel(12:22 , 09.25.10 )

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