December 11, 2010

TEVET 5, 5771

AAZAR 18, 1389

Feeling Another's Pain

As God promises to accompany

Jacob into exile 
ometimes the challenge of being
 fully present and sharing in
 someone's pain is greater than
 relieving their suffering. MORE>

A summary of the Haftarah

    • This week's parsha, Parshat Vayigash, begins in the middle of an interaction between Yehuda and Yosef.  Yehuda is pleading for Yosef to pardon Binyamin for having the goblet in his bag.  Yehuda steps forward here - "Vayigash".    In Tal Chermon, Rav Aviner explains that the whole controversy and hatred between the.....

    The Entebbe story
    Against all the odds

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