18th of Tevet, 5771
Sat, 25 December 2010 
Saturday 4th of Dey, 1389

They made Java "cool" again by using it to develop a device for reading the Kindle, and once again a major tech invention emanates from Israel.

An Israeli company has spent a decade perfecting a drug delivery system that takes the needle out of your arm, and the dread out of going to the doctor.

In an ironic twist, a Christmas tree fashioned of recycled bottles in the northern city of Haifa went up the day the nearby forests burned down.

In Israel's largest forest fire, 44 people died and 9,000 acres of the Carmel forest were destroyed. The focus now is on regeneration

"Working in the kitchen with sharp instruments doesn't mean we have to kill each other," says one of a team of multiethnic chefs who brought culinary glory to Israel.

Yehuda Meshi-Zahav evolved from an ultra-Orthodox anti-Zionist firebrand into the founder of ZAKA, a unique rescue and recovery organization.

As society becomes more conscious of the size of its ecological footprint, it's good to know that in Israel you can go green in your leisure options as well.


A brilliantly conceived tech tour, from the White House to the likes of Google and Yahoo, has generated tremendous buzz and possibilities for Israeli start-ups in the US.

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