IDF Northern Command chief says systems like Iron
 ome designed to protect military offensive capabilities
 irst and foremost. 'Residents shouldn't be under the
 illusion that someone will open an umbrella
 over their heads,' he adds
Pakistani Christian woman is sentenced
to death for blaspheming against Islam 

Abu-Gharbia Tarek of east Jerusalem has been
working as a firefighter for more than 18 years,
 but nothing prepared him for Carmel disaster

Jewish World News
Crème de la crème of UK Jewish community
 attend David Cameron's Hanukkah party,
 except for prime minister himself who's busy
 with Britain's 2018 World cup bid

Britain's Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks. Lit the menorah  

British Prime Minister Cameron. Couldn't make it because of football  

British Finance Minister Osborne. Giving out the gold.. chocolate

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