January 27th . 2011
Sh'vat 23rd . 5771

Pot-luck dinners and guest appearances by
the world's top techies characterize GarageGeeks,
an informal but influential Israeli high-tech 'incubator'.

At the world's first global research and education center
for autism, to be built in Jerusalem, the plan
is to integrate all the systems that work.

Herbal tea infusions from Israel's Galilee region are
proving popular with discerning British tea-drinkers.

Nature lovers spearhead efforts to transform the seaside
city of Bat Yam into a butterfly paradise, attracting
new species to the city's streets.

Who says the disabled can't take part in extreme sports?
 certainly not the founders of Etgarim, an Israeli
organization devoted to bringing them outdoor sports.

When empty nest syndrome set in, the Kabalos filled theirs
with a menagerie of animals in need of care.

Israeli researchers recommend "watchful waiting" over antibiotic
 treatment for many children with ear infections.

Named one of the top companies in Israel working to
improve society, Intel is helping to tutor children across
 the country in math, science and computing.

Israeli researchers are reporting a link between 
exposure to artificial light at night (LAN) 
and elevated rates of breast cancer and 
prostate cancer.  

The Israeli made 'Rewalk' recently received FDA approval,
 and will soon help the paralyzed population get back on their feet.

U.S. chipmaker Intel has confirmed plans to invest $2.7 billion
in its southern Israel facility in order to produce 22-nanometer
technology for semiconductors.

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