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2011 . March . 13 . 1

Mother Ruth And Father Uri Fogel 
censorship using social media
Student Activists Sit-in iront of UN in Gene

Three weeks after the disappearance of Mir-Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karoubi and their wives, the leaders of Iran’s Green Movement, Iran expatriates are planning a sit-in during the annual 3-day human rights gathering of the UN in Geneva to demonstrate their protests against human rights conditions in Iran.

Victim of New Tear Gas
A few days after the February 14 demonstrations in Iran, news reports appeared that the country’s security and military forces used a new type of tear gas against street protestors. The report indicated that the new gas had resulted in a different type of effect on its victims.

Political tsunami ahead


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Quake Blow to Future of U.S. Nuclear Power?
Largest Crowd Yet Rallies in Madison

America : Locals Start The Clean-Up
 In Santa Cruz

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