Creation Calls -- are you listening? Music by Brian Doerksen

Muslims in Gaza brutally kill Italian activist.

Happy Passover
Science 2011 & Passover 5771
Robots of the R&D Institute for Intelligent
Robotic Systems, Computer Science Department
* Mah Nishtanah?! Halayla Hazeh *
Sent by Susan Halimi

A World View Interview with
Benjamin Netanyahu
Sent by Mojgan Harouni

Eurovision 2011 ISRAEL

Dana international
☆♫ Ding Dong  
lyrics on screen

Retired couple Poria and Eli Somers decide to give something back to community, move to youth village for one year to become in-house grandparents to its residents. 'Our home is open 24 hours a day, any child in the village who needs advice can come to us whenever they want to,' says Eli
"It's Your Story" 
 National Museum of American Jewish History
Sent by Susan Halimi / England

By Rabbi Dov Fischer, Esq.
Young Israel of Orange County, CA
Sent by Dariush Fakheri

Yad Vashem puts Eichmann trial on YouTube

CHAMETZ : Some of the Raw and Fresh Kosher food 
 that Jews are allowed to use them  during 
the year, except for the 8 Days of passover
Some 130,000 Israelis, thousands of Jews worldwide go out to do a good deed for others as part of project initiated by businesswoman and philanthropist Shari Arison's Ruach Tova association

Outstanding student from central Israel
pays heavy price for taking part
in local beauty pageant.
 All the dresses I wore were modest,' she tells Ynet.
 Education Ministry:
 Student chose to ignore school's instructions

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