Operation Solomon marks 20th anniversary
Operation Solomon was a 1991 covert
 Israeli military operation meant to 
bring Ethiopian Jews to Israel.

Fiance Says Detained Al Jazeera

Daveed Fakheri

This is a real story.

About 60 years ago in Shiraz / Iran a Jewish person, after a family feud, turned his back to Judaism and became a Muslim! This act, due to its rarity, is considered very special and even a miracle for some fanatic Muslims. They celebrate this occasion beyond any celebration ever held by them because they consider this as a proof of the legitimacy and superiority of their belief system over Judaism and the Jews. After all, who would in a right mind becomes a follower of Mulla Omar, Bin Laden ,Khamenei , Khalkhali or Sheikh Yasin ?
Many run to the Jewish people to make fun of , use this event to put them down and humiliate them in public. A few of these hooligans approached an old Jewish man in Shiraz in the ghetto (a Neighborhood that the Muslims forcefully have confined all the Jews, musicians, prostitutes and pimps to live in). They sarcastically said to him “See! A Jews accepted the religion of Mohammed and become Muslim!” The old Jewish man without any hesitation answered back: Dear Muslim friend * dirty water always finds its way back to the sewage!! *.
And why should the story of Mr. Yoram Kaniuk be an exception? Isn’t he just as like the same Jewish person in my city in Iran who turned his back to Judaism?

First Exhibition Of The Story of Iranian-Jews
Sent by Daryoush Setareh

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