3rd of Iyyar, 5771 

Sat 7th of May, 2011 

17th of Ordibehesht, 1390 

Despite their focus on life, priests are permitted to attend to their closest relatives in death, emphasizing the importance of caring for the dead. MORE>

Parshat Emor: The Mitzvah of Peah

God gives Moses the laws specific to Aaron and all the priests. Priests are to stay pure and holy. They are not to have contact with the dead, nor profane the Name of God, nor marry a harlot nor even marry a divorced person. When the daughter of a priest degrades herself through harlotry, it is her father whom she degrades, and she must be burned in fire.

Parshat Emor

Parashat EMOR
Harav Kook

The haftarah selection is from Ezekiel 44:15-31
In the haftarah for Parashat Emor Ezekiel prophesies about the rules for the priests that will serve in the Third Temple, to be built at an unspecified, apocalyptic future date. He specifies that the priests must wear specific garments, and are commanded to keep their hair cut neatly. They cannot drink wine while they are performing their priestly duties, and they are prohibited from marrying women who are divorced or widowed (unless the widow was originally married to a priest).

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