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August 27th 2011

* RE'EH *



Kashrut reminds us again and again
 that Jewish spirituality is inseparable
 from the physical.

By Rabbi Ruth H Sohn

Many people think the biblical prohibition against certain foods was for health reasons, but the reasoning in this week's Torah portion is less about health and more about holiness 
eat' the common expression goes. I sometimes think of this saying in relation to kashrut (that is, keeping kosher). What do the choices that we make about what we eat reveal about who we really are? Many Jews today view kashrut as an outdated vestige of ancient Israelite practice, expanded upon by rabbinic Judaism, bur no longer relevant to modern day life. However, the presentation of the prohibitions associated with kashrut in Parashat R'eih challenges us to consider anew the purposes of kashrut.


Wikipedia / The division of animals into

 kosher and non-kosher is mainly about

whether they can be eaten / Picture

Moses instructs the Israelites regarding

 idolatry, false prophets, clean and unclean

 foods, tithes, freeing slaves, and the

 pilgrimage festivals.

In his last speech to the Israelites, Moses warns them, "If you follow God's laws, you will be blessed more than all the peoples of the earth. However, if you worship false idols and ignore the other commandments, then you shall be cursed and perish.
"These are the statutes which you are to
 carry out. You shall utterly destroy the
places where the nations, whose property
you are taking over, served other gods. You
 shall destroy their altars, break up their
memorial stones, burn down their sacred
trees, cut down the images of their gods
, and you shall


Parashat * RE'EH *

Parshat Re'eh: A Music Video Based on Moses's Words to the Israelites

God promises to rebuild 

and restore Zion
The haftarah selection is

 from Isaiah 54:11-55:5
In the seven weeks after Tisha B'Av we read a series of haftarot from the book of Isaiah that focus on themes of consolation. These haftarot are meant to comfort a nation that has just mourned for the destruction of its most sacred space and the exile from its homeland. 

Jewish WORLD News
2011 . 28 . 8
 5771 Jewish Calendar

Photo: Moshe Milner, GPO
Jerusalem's walls restored, idiosyncrasies and all
Israeli experts are nearing completion of an ambitious restoration of the five-century-old walls of Jerusalem, the holy city's dominant architectural feature and a unique ...
Full story 
Associated Press(15:16 , 08.25.11 )
Photo: Atta Awisat
Haredim to set up 'modest' market
Jerusalem's ultra-Orthodox sector is preparing to set up an alternative market as part of its boycott on the veteran Mahane Yehuda Market. The City Council's haredi ...
Full story 
Tzipi Malkov(12:30 , 08.25.11 )
Photo: AP
California lawmakers OK circumcision rules
A California Senate committee has unanimously approved a bill to block local jurisdictions from banning male circumcision, a debate that evolved from a divisive ballot ...
Full story 
Associated Press(09:09 , 08.25.11 )
Photo: Getty Images
'IKEA founder continued Nazi ties after war'
The Nazi past of Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of global home products company IKEA, was first revealed in the 1990s. But these Nazi ties were not a temporary "teenage ...
Full story 
Ynet(11:21 , 08.24.11 )
Photo: Yoav Friedman
'No happiness in gay-lesbian shidduch'
A new Web initiative seeking to match religious homosexuals and lesbians has sparked a row in the religious world. Although it has gained the support of a series of ...
Full story 
Ari Galahar(08:27 , 08.24.11 )
Photo: Reuters
Austria: Rightists counter Jewish critic
The head of Vienna's Jewish community is accusing Austria's rightist party of harboring "hidden Nazis" but the party says he is imagining things. Vienna Jewish ...
Full story 
Associated Press(08:26 , 08.24.11 )
Photo: Aharon Getz
Haredi men to sit at back of tram?
Following countless discussions, protests and tense discussions with leaders of the Eda Haredit faction over the route of Jerusalem's light rail, it appears that the ...
Full story 
Ari Galahar(14:06 , 08.23.11 )
Photo: Shuki Lerer
'Escalation caused by lack of Torah studies'
Senior Lithuanian Orthodox rabbis have responded to the recent escalation in southern Israel, calling on the public to engage in Torah studies. The religious leaders ...
Full story 
Ari Galahar(09:59 , 08.23.11 )
Berlin Jewish cemetery robbed
Thieves have stolen grave decorations from Berlin's Weissensee Jewish cemetery, apparently to sell as scrap metal. Jewish community spokeswoman Maya Zehden said ...
Full story 
Associated Press(09:29 , 08.23.11 )
Photo: Amit Lev
Rabbis to match homosexuals, lesbians
A new Web initiative seeks to help religious homosexuals and lesbians find a partner for procreation purposes – as long as they promise to try to change their sexual ...
Full story 
Akiva Novick(20:51 , 08.22.11 )
Photo: Dan Balilti
Taglit celebrates Israel-Diaspora ties
It is difficult to imagine the dedication that must go into a program that will change someone’s life forever. But somehow, the Taglit-Birthright Israel program has ...
Full story 
Sammy Hudes(15:24 , 08.22.11 )
Photo: AP
20th anniversary of Brooklyn race riots marked
In the back of an empty Jewish deli in Brooklyn, two central figures from race riots that broke out 20 years ago Friday sat together at a wooden table before a plate of ...
Full story 
Associated Press(10:13 , 08.22.11 )
Photo: AP
Child Holocaust survivors meet in Poland
Jews from around the globe who survived Nazi German genocide as children during World War II met in the Polish capital Warsaw Friday, for a four-day annual conference for ...
Full story 
AFP(15:03 , 08.21.11 )
Rabbi Rafael Halperin, ex-wrestler, dies
Rabbi Rafael Halperin died at his home in the central city of Bnei Brak on Saturday afternoon, following a serious illness. Halperin, 87, was a former professional ...
Full story 

IDF 2011 Highlights
IDF 2011 is Intel's premier conference in North America, where you get a firsthand look 
at the technology that will be changing the industry.

After hours at IDF
The IDF Networking Nightcap is our way of saying thank you to Intel customers and IDF attendees. This celebration of people and technology will feature music, entertainment, and refreshments. Plus, it's one of the best places to meet up with old colleagues and make new contacts. 

IDF Networking Nightcap

Tuesday, September 13

8:00 p.m. - 11:30 p.m.

The IDF Mobile App is coming soon

Soon you will be able to plan your entire IDF 2011 experience on your smartphone or mobile device. You'll also have access to all of the forum information, including lecture sessions, panels, labs, Q&A, and poster chats no matter where you are.

What to see at IDF
The 2011 IDF Agenda is a balance of highly informative keynotes, technology and industry insights, and technical sessions that include lectures, panels, hands-on labs, and hot topic Q&As.

Technology Showcase
Leading companies will be on hand to demonstrate specific technology that can help you advance your latest projects.

Technical Sessions
You get relevant technical information on the latest products from top experts so you can take action immediately and achieve your goals while increasing your value within your company.

Festigal Team 2004 - Kan Noladeti 
( I born here and  my children born
 here / " In ISRAEL " also )

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