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There are many things we can do to create local culture that links God, land, and people.
The ritual of bikkurim, in which farmers brought the first fruits of their harvest to the Temple, allowed Jews to give their thanks to God for the land of Israel and all it provided.
The Land of Israel has been conquered and divided, and Jewish farmers have settled into the yearly cycle of growth and harvest. Now they are given a special commandment, one applying only in the Land: they must take their first fruits to the Temple to express their gratitude to God.
The first verses of this week's Torah portion, Ki Tavo, describe the ritual of bikkurim, first fruits (Deut. 26:2): "…you shall take of the first of every fruit of the ground that you bring in from your Land that your God gives you, and you shall put it in a basket and go to the place that your God, will choose…" As we will explore below, the farmers were not only thanking God for an abundant harvest, but also affirming the link between God, themselves, the Land of Israel, and the collective history 

Moses instructs the Israelites regarding the first fruit offering; Moses then lists the blessings for keeping the commandments .... 
Moses continues his last speech before the Israelites, "When you dwell in the promised land, take a selection of the first fruits and bring them to the place God chooses for God's Name. With a priest you shall make an offering saying, 'We remember when we were slaves in Egypt. We remember how God brought us to freedom with a strong hand and outstretched arm, with signs and miracles. You, God brought, us to this land flowing with milk and honey. And now I have brought these first fruits that you, God, have given me.'




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Today may be dark, but tomorrow,
 God's light will shine on His people

The haftarah selection is from Isaiah 60:1-22. 
This is the penultimate haftarah between Tisha B'Av and Rosh Hashanah; the seven-week period when haftarot of consolation are read in synagogue. All these haftarot, including this week's, feature comforting themes for a nation traumatized by the destruction of the Temple and the exile.

In the haftarah for Ki Tavo, Isaiah focuses on images of light to remind the people that though they may be experiencing a dark time, God's countenance and light will eventually return. The first verse of the haftarah typifies this: "Arise, shine, for your light has dawned; the Presence of the Lord has shone upon you!" (60:1) This line has famously been adapted for use in Lekha Dodi, a song that is part of the Friday night liturgy, sung to greet the Sabbath queen. ..........

Lecha Dodi
David D'or


Photo: Yossi Ben-David
Lithuanians shunned over Shoah probe
Israel's official Holocaust memorial Yad Vashem on Thursday rescinded an invitation to Lithuanian officials to attend a memorial service, as a protest against their ...
Full story 
Associated Press(09:31 , 09.17.11 )
Photo: Ilan Marciano
Religious Zionism rabbis unite for Migron
Dozens of rabbis have confirmed their participation in an emergency meeting scheduled to be held Monday in the unauthorized settlement of Migron in the Binyamin region, ...
Full story 
Kobi Nahshoni(15:00 , 09.16.11 )
Photo: AP
Jewish memorial in east Poland defaced
Vandals have defaced a Jewish memorial in eastern Poland by rearranging bushes forming the Star of David into a Nazi swastika, police said this week, the latest in a ...
Full story 
Reuters(07:23 , 09.16.11 )
Photo: Gil Yohanan
Haredim launch war on 'Taliban women'
An internal haredi battle is taking place these days against "Taliban women", a radical sect of women wearing cloaks and observing strict modesty rules. Ads posted ...
Full story 
Akiva Novick(15:02 , 09.15.11 )
Photo: EPA
Group: Get rid of 'Jew or Not Jew' app
A French anti-racism group has threatened to sue Apple over an iPhone application called "A Jew or Not a Jew?" that allows users to consult a database of celebrities and ...
Full story 
Associated Press(07:43 , 09.15.11 )
Photo: Shai Rosenzweig
Rabbi: IDF degrading religious public
A senior right-wing rabbi has called for the dismissal of Colonel Eran Niv, commander of the officers' school at an IDF training base, and Gefen Regiment Commander ...
Full story 
Kobi Nahshoni(15:40 , 09.14.11 )
Photo: Shai Rosenzweig
Uman pilgrimage to set all-time record
Every year, tens of thousands of Breslov Hasidim flock to the grave of their beloved Rebbe in the Ukrainian city of Uman. This year, however, the pilgrimage is expected ...
Full story 
Akiva Novick(08:39 , 09.14.11 )
Photo: Reuters
Memorial honors Canada's Jewish troops
During the anniversary week of the Nazi invasion of Poland and the start of the World War II in September 1939, Jewish Toronto honored its own soldiers who two ...
Full story 
Daniel Horowitz(08:39 , 09.14.11 )
Photo: Shai Rosenzweig
Women's singing debate reaches court
Y., one of the IDF cadets dismissed from an officers' course after walking out from a military event as a female soldier began singing, has petitioned the High Court of ...
Full story 
Kobi Nahshoni(15:04 , 09.13.11 )
Photo: Visual/Photos
Germany, Italy at odds over WWII damages
Germany argued at the United Nations' highest court Monday that Italian courts have no right to order it to pay compensation to Nazi war victims, saying international law ...
Full story 
Associated Press(10:02 , 09.13.11 )
Photo: Israel Bardugo
Palestine flag outside haredi wedding
One of the most talked about weddings in the ultra-Orthodox sector was held last weekend under a veil of secrecy. Chaya Sara Nehama, 19, granddaughter of the late leader ...
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Ari Galahar(08:48 , 09.13.11 )
Photo: Shutterstock
Bnei Brak vs. female teachers
The Bnei Brak Municipality appears to be upset over billboard signs promoting the Oz Latmura reform in Israel's education system. Huge signs announcing the program, ...
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Reuven Weiss(14:26 , 09.12.11 )
Photo: Haim Zach
Rabbis to IDF: Solve women's singing issue
Israel's chief rabbis have called on IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz to find a solution which would allow religious soldiers to avoid listening to women sing without being ...
Full story 
Kobi Nahshoni(08:51 , 09.12.11 )
Photo: AFP
ADL supports 'World Trade Center Cross'
The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) on Sunday expressed its support for the inclusion of the so-called “World Trade Center Cross” – the cross-shaped steel beams found in the ...
Full story 
Ynetnews(08:51 , 09.12.11 )
Photo: Moti Kimchi
62%: Religious part of social protest too
The tent cities are being evacuated, but the echoes of the social protest are still being heard: Fifty-seven percent of the religious and ultra-Orthodox public support ...
Full story 
Ynet(14:30 , 09.11.11 )

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