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December 1st 2011
Azar 1oth 1390
Kislev 5th 5772

Tap on Tapingo to order burgers or pizza 
for lunch. Let the Israeli computer wizards
worry about how it works
Annual medieval festival in the Old City of Jerusalem
brings troubadours, jugglers, acrobats to the city's ancient streets.

Stand With Us
  Music and Lyrics

 by Tibi Zohar

Sent by Dariush Fakheri


ovember 27, 2011 - An Israeli company has
 developed a unique pooper-scooper that can
 turn dog droppings into
 sterile and odorless ash in seconds,
with just the push of a button.


One of modern Israel's first towns, Rosh Pina
 was a flop for farmers but today hosts a thriving
 and picturesque artists' colony.
He planned for a career in architecture,
 but moved into fashion instead. 
Now Ronen Chen's designs are on
 sale all over the world.

Yehuda Pilosof and his son Yisrael have a

global reputation for outfitting amputees
 (and even an occasional donkey) with
quality artificial limbs.
Israeli-designed GrainPro Cocoons provide a
 surprisingly simple and cheap way for
African and Asian farmers to keep their
 grain market-fresh.

Works by Israeli artists find a home in the $55 million
 Herta and Paul Amir Building, designed to 'move
visitors and offer a remarkable social experience.'


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