- Rachel on a Camel & Jacob & leah Walking 

The emotional struggles of our ancestors can help guide us today
Two sisters struggle for the love of the same man, one can't get pregnant, and jealousy ensues. No, it's not the plot of asoap opera--it's this week's Torah portion & MORE&g;


In this Torah portion, Jacob has a dream with angels going up and down a ladder from earth to heaven. God appears before Jacob, renewing the covenant that God had made with Abraham. Jacob sees Rachel, Laban's daughter, tending to sheep and wishes to marry her. Laban tricks Jacob into marrying his eldest daughter, Leah, after seven years of labor. In exchange for another seven years of work, Jacob is allowed to marry Rachel. Jacob has many sons with Leah, but Rachel is unable to conceive. Finally, God blesses Rachel, and she has a son, whom she names joseph

On his way to his uncle Laban's, Jacob dreams of a ladder
 that stretches up from earth to heaven. There are
 angels of God ascending and descending the ladder.
God stands behind Jacob and says, "I am God, the God 
of your father Abraham and the God of your father Isaac. 
I will give to you and your seed the land where you are sleeping
 And your seed will be as dust of the earth and spread in all
 directions, and through you will all the families on earth be
 blessed. I am with you and will guard you. I will not leave
 you until I have accomplished what I have promised."

Ashkenazic Custom: Hosea 12:13-14:10
Sephardic Custom: Hosea 11:7-13:5
Some Add: Joel 2:26-27
Hosea tells the Israelite kingdom: God's
punishments will be harsh,
 but repentance is possible.

Hero performed by Michael Israel

 in New York

שבת שלום

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