Israel's Mobileye is the global leader in the vehicle safety
 market with its advanced driver assistance system that
 helps you avoid a collision

Israel's RedHill Biopharma plans an advanced clinical trial for a once-a-day drug to prevent nausea and vomiting following cancer therapy.

Once a common form of decoration in the ancient Mediterranean, mosaic is now flourishing again in Israel with a whole new take on a traditional art form.

A joint American-Israeli research project demonstrates for the first time how tiny particles of pollution dangerously affect the clouds.

An Israeli researcher is part of a team that hopes to save endangered species by taking cells frozen decades ago and turning them into viable sperm and eggs.

Israeli-designed solar-powered light fixtures are lighting up
 the moribund nights of Africa, South America and beyond.

There's no reason to do archeology if you're not having
 a good time,' says Israel's Prof. Aren Maeir.

Ein Hod, nestled in the Carmel Mountains, was created as a home for artists, and offers tours and workshops in myriad art forms from glass mosaics to watercolors.

Pita, it would seem, is the new baguette. Israeli pastry chefs won first prize at the Sixth SIGEP Bread Cup international bread baking championship in Italy over the weekend, beating nine other countries along the way.

The contest included four categories: traditional bread, healthy bread, baked dessert and artistic bread.

Israel placed first in both the healthy bread category - a spinach pita filled with pistachio-covered cheese balls - and in the baked dessert category - strawberry brioche with fruit topping. 

The United Nations recently said that global food output must increase by 70 percent by 2050 to meet the needs of the world's population. Israeli scientists say 

Israeli biopharmaceutical firm NasVax has attained provisional approval for nearly $1 million in grant money from the Office of the Chief Scientist. 

The grant to NasVax - which develops improved vaccines and immunotherapeutic products - will be divided. Some $460,000 will be used for NasVax's overseas R&D plan and almost $490,000 will be invested in its R&D in Israel.

NasVax is developing improved vaccines and immunotherapies to treat fatty liver disease and other inflammatory diseases.

In 2011, NasVax announced the success of a Phase 2a clinical trial of a new oral immunotherapy for non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), an inflammatory disease associated with fatty liver disease and the metabolic syndrome. 

NasVax works in four areas: inflammatory and auto-immune diseases; Alzheimer's disease; pneumococcal vaccines; and enhancing the immunogenicity of vaccines and immunotherapeutics.


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