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Fantastic voyage to 
GE is investing in an Israeli-designed imaging
 capsule that can help detect colorectal cancer
 as it travels through the intestines.

An Israeli team has made medical history
 with its ability to transform skin stem cells
 from heart-disease patients into healthy
 heart tissue.

Gait analysis is about to get easier and cheaper,
 once an Israeli startup’s new orthopedic device
hits the ground walking.

Clients include Golda Meir, David Ben Gurion
and Chaim Weizmann, but now Kastiel,
Israel’s most famous name in fine furniture
since 1942, is opening a new line geared
to smaller budgets.

Olive lovers of all ages came to find out, at
 Israel’s first official olive-pit spitting contest.

srael’s Outbrain lets the major news websites
suggest clickable related content for each
 individual reader to discover.

Israel’s Outbrain lets the major news websites
 suggest clickable related content for each individual
reader to discover.

In the first of a two-part series

 takes a look at the top 10 
high-tech pioneers

who helped transform 
Israel into on of the

 world's leading
 high-tech hubs.

Israeli author Aharon Appelfeld has been awarded
the 2012 Independent Foreign Fiction Prize for his
 Holocaust survival story, Blooms of Darkness. The novel 
is loosely based on the 80-year-old Appelfeld’s childhood
 during the Second World War. Blooms of Darkness tells …

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