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 Yedioth Ahronoth's front page after Cafe Hillel attack
 Headline: IDF soldiers kill Savoy terrorists at dawn

" Tanehnazan " :  No offense Mr Morsi,
 But you know what? Khomeini also promised
  the same Garbage to his stupid nation and
  unfortunately they were too naive and
accepted every word that the fanatic old
 man told them and when they finally found 
 out every thing has been a BIG lie and how an
  Enormous Disaster like a Tsunami is coming to
 them it was too late to stop it . Now it is 33 years after 


 May 2012      

A new dilemma in hosting
 a German president
Read Dr. Efraim

Decision by Dutch Town Of 
Vorden to Honor Nazi Soldiers
on National Memorial Day to
World War II Fallen Erases
Between Victims and Perpetrators
Read more
SWC Denounces Denmark and South Africa Special Labels for West Bank Products
Read more
Reburying of Lithuanian WWII Pro-Nazi Leader with Full Honors Condemned by SWC

Holocaust Denial
 Assaults on Collective
Memory Becloud 
Europe's Future
By Ra
bbi Abraham  Cooper
Published May 17, 2012 
Simon Wiesenthal said the history of mankind is a history of crimes. No crime in the annals of history has been as well documented -- by the perpetrators, bystanders, interveners and victims -- as Nazi Germany's Final Solution, the state-sponsored genocide that systematically murdered 6 million European Jews. Against this backdrop, along with the proliferation of Holocaust museums, memorials, books and films, how do we account for the growing phenomenon of Holocaust revisionism and denial?

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U . S . NEWS

How Optimism Will Play 
into the 2012 Elections

U.S., Allies Expel Syrian Diplomats

Suzanne Somers on the
 Politics of Hollywood

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