To celebrate Israel's 64th birthday, ISRAEL21c brings
you the country's top 64 innovations that are
transforming and enriching lives across the planet.
They’re weird enough for science fiction, but real
enough to work – ISRAEL21c explores some of
the strangest scientific developments coming out of Israel today.

Wanted: five young startup companies from Israel ready
to build the next big high-tech sensation in America.
Israel’s Technion Institute partners with Cornell to pull
 America’s center of high-tech gravity to the Big Apple.

A business incubator for new immigrants seeks to give them
 the same home-field advantages enjoyed by native Israelis.

A handy new Israeli app lets you meld the best images
 from a variety of group shots where somebody’s blinking,
 yawning or clowning.

Tel Aviv-based Pops has a simple app that simplifies your
 life by aggregating your alerts into one spot on
 your smart phone screen.

Jerusalem-based SnapKeys is bringing smart phone
 users a whole new way to type, for a free mobile experience.
Haifa startup Twtrland offers a free, simple analysis
of other tweeters so users can quickly decide which
 ones they’d like to follow.
New Hebrew University portrait exhibition spotlights
 the researchers whose bright ideas led to global products
to improve quality of life.

Millions of asthma sufferers can breathe a bit easier thanks to research and products coming out of Israel. ISRAEL21c brings the top 10 advances in the field.

Rats in an Israeli lab were able to form stronger memories after receiving a certain enzyme. In the future, this may have applications for humans.
A medical device from Israel will allow for less invasive, cheaper and more effective correction of severe spinal curvature.

Weighing less than a pound, the Injured
 Personnel Carrier can secure an injured
person on a rescuer’s back, leaving hands
 completely free.
For thousands of Israelis suffering cancer,
 MS, Crohn's and chronic pain, pot provides vital relief.
Synthetic peptide significantly enhances the only
currently approved drug to get blood flow moving to
 the brain after a stroke.

An Israeli pharma company is testing an
advanced compound that blocks a tumor’s
 blood supply. Used with standard chemo,
 it obliterates the growth.

new Israeli study shows that with support from the supervisor, a stressed employee is less likely to need days off to recover.
Bold new three-year collaboration gives the
 global pharma giant access to the Weizmann
 Institute’s bright ideas in
 medical treatment and diagnosis.
A simple bedside test to be available soon in
 Europe may be the most potent weapon against
 hospital-borne infection to date.

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