A drug that could 
save stroke victims,
 top 10 archaeological sites
Israel loves Iran, 
and more

Synthetic peptide significantly enhances the
 only currently approved drug to get blood
 flow moving to the brain after a stroke.

URINFO, a new medical device from Israel
 inspired by agricultural technology, takes the
 guesswork out of diagnosing a kidney injury.
Summer’s warm nights bring a variety of performances,
 concerts and art installations reflecting the unique
 spirit of Israel’s capital city.

Can a Facebook dialogue defuse the threat of
 nuclear war? Tel Aviv dad Ronny Edry
 thinks it's worth a try.

The ambassadors can talk for a year, but one
 good meal does just as much good,' says
Tel Aviv chef Shaul Ben-Aderet.

sraeli mountain-climber Nadav Ben Yehuda trained
 for two years to scale Mount Everest. He gave
 up that dream 300 meters from the summit
to save the life of a Turkish climber.

Tel Aviv-based Pops has an app that simplifies
 your life by aggregating your alerts into one
 spot on your smart phone screen.

Israeli and German academics show how an
understanding of the physics of finance could
avert the next world economic meltdown.

New partnership is 'smartening up' Sonoma
 County's water system to help reduce
 California water usage by 20 percent by 2020.

Amiad’s filtration and treatment technologies
bring clean water to industries, households and
farms in 70 countries.

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