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Is Mark Zuckerberg, founder of social media phenomenon Facebook,
ready to be the chief executive of an 80 billion dollar company?

Op-ed: Islamists taking over while Western liberals,
 led by president, still deep in ideological slumber
In February 2011, a few weeks after Egypt’s uprising erupted, when the Arab Spring was supposedly just around the corner and meant to bring us a new Middle East in the undying spirit of Shimon Peres, Thomas Friedman of the New York Times stood at Tahrir Square and delivered his own, no less immortal vision

Leader of group that funded 2010 Gaza flotilla

 suspected of diverting funds to infamous terror group

Protesting a planned gas plant at the Carmel Beach 

Woman stirs uproar by pondering
'what's the fuzz with Jews' 
on Sweden's official Twitter account

Research indicates that percentage of religious teenaged
 girls who visit online porn sites is higher than that of
 non-observant girls their age; 'It seems that because the
 religious girls feel it's forbidden, they want it more'

The first female Druze dentist in Israel is busy
with her multiple careers – and dreams of
becoming a judge. When she has time, she
 also flies and judges beauty pageants

How to lose weight with your partner could mean losing at love. Not losing love for your partner of course, but it might mean you have to lose some of the foods you love. It's always easier if you lose with love, with your partner standing by your side (or over your plate). 

Extended Intervention: ZeinahAETV  / Video





Female Genital Mutilation: Summer of Horror for British Muslim GIrls

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