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י׳ בְּתָּמוּז תשע״ב
10th of Tamuz, 5772
Sat, 30th of June 2012 

Poor Miriam--one of her brothers, Moses, was an intimate friend of God's, and the other, Aaron, the first high priest. So how did she find her way into the spotlight? It all comes down to the fact that she was a woman. MORE>

God instructs Moses and Aaron regarding the red heifer; Miriam dies; Moses hits a rock to bring forth water rather than speaking to it; Aaron dies. 
  • God said to Moses and Aaron,  'Speak to the sons of Israel and find a completely red cow on which there is no blemish and no yoke has ever come. You shall give it to Eleazar, the priest, and he shall take it outside the camp and slaughter it. This cow shall then be made into an offering and those that participate in the sacrifice shall be unclean until the evening.  More

Parshat Chukat For Children: How
 Snakes Help us Confront our Fears

Rav * KOOK * Institute

Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook /1865-1935


A warrior, once shunned, regains his
 rightful place at the head of the battle.

The Haftarah selection is from Judges, 11:1-33.
Haftarat Hukkat tells the story of a man name Jephthah. His father was Gilead, a mighty warrior. His mother was a prostitute--and, for that reason, his half-brothers prevented him from claiming his inheritance, and expelled him from their home. Jepthah flees, ending up in the land of Tob, where he falls in with some outlaws. 
Years later, Gilead's tribe is attacked by Ammonites. Fearing for their lives, the men of the tribe who had once shunned him approach Jephthah and request that he lead them in battle.MORE


Shabat Shalom and Shavua Tove

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