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August 18, 1920 - The 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified, granting women the right to vote.
Birthday - American explorer Meriwether Lewis (1774-1809) was born near Charlottesville, Virginia. Along with William Clark, he explored the American West, and in 1805, after a journey of over 18 months, reached the Pacific Ocean.

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Israelis target NYC rabbi in nude photos blackmail scheme

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Haredi soldiers: Kosher buses won't pick us up
Two ultra-Orthodox soldiers claim that Egged drivers have repeatedly barred them from boarding the company's kosher, sex segregated buses lines – simply because they were ...
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Campaign aims to encourage haredim to enlist
Activists seeking a universal army draft launched a campaign on Tuesday aiming to encourage yeshiva students to join the IDF. Members of the right-wing Im Tirtzu ...
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Ashdod: Beach segregation angers secular bathers
A stretch of beach in Ashdod has become a bone of contention between residents of the southern port city in recent weeks after the municipality chose to shut it down, ...

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Canadian Jews 'have a lot in common' with Israeli Ethiopians
A delegation of 15 young Jews from Montreal, Canada arrived in Israel some two weeks ago to become familiar with Beersheba. The youngsters, aged 18-25, volunteered 

Man walks 30km on Shabbat to propose to girlfriend
A., a young religious man in-love, decide he could not wait until Shabbat comes out to propose to his girlfriend. Even the fact that he lives in Jerusalem and she resides ...
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Soldiers' parents: Kahane supporter lectures our kids
Parents of combat soldiers serving in the elite Duvdevan unit have told Ynet that the IDF is permitting a rabbi who is identified with the teachings of Rabbi Meir Kahane ...
Documentary follows Hassidic couple on cruise
Bedroom. An ultra-Orthodox couple belonging to the Hassidic Gur dynasty is packing for a two-week cruise in the Mediterranean. She complains he is squishing her wig; he ...
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Italian arrested for swiping Auschwitz 'souvenir'
On Sunday, police arrested a 66-year-old Italian citizen over the alleged theft of a piece of barbed wire from Auschwitz museum. The man, detained by officials at ...
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J'lem police: 'Temple Mount is in our hands' – incitement
Jerusalem police banned a group of female Bnei Akiva youth movement members to call out "The Temple Mount is in our hands!" or hold up signs with the slogan during a ...
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Haredi MKs back mosques, churches
It is not every day the representatives of one religion speak up for other religions. Following a petition to the Supreme Court about favoring synagogues over other ...

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Documentary exposes Nazi War criminals in New Zealand
A documentary that aired in New Zealand on Friday featured a first look at an investigation that tracked Nazi war criminals who fled to New Zealand after World War II and ...
Women of the Wall recreate iconic Six Day War image
The Women of the Wall organization and famed Israeli photographer David Rubinger teamed up this week for an unusual endeavor – recreating the iconic image of three ...
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Israeli scholar completes mission to 'fix' Bible
For the past 30 years, Israeli Judaic scholar Menachem Cohen has been on a mission of biblical proportions: Correcting all known textual errors in Jewish scripture to ...
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Mohels protest restriction on 'suction' during circumcision
The Israel Ambulatory Pediatric Association (IAPA) urged the Health Ministry to put a stop to the ritual of "oral suction" (metzitzah b'peh) which accompanies the Jewish ...

Two ultra-Orthodox soldiers say that 
Egged's so-called kosher bus lines, which

Defendants recruit two Israeli women to
 approach US rabbi. Rabbi receives nude

Activists hang posters, set up stalls in ultra-Orthodox
 neighborhoods in order 

Ashdod residents say municipality closed
 stretch of beach to the public to 

Members of Montreal delegation volunteer
 in Beersheba, where 'people are even 

Young religious man walks from Jerusalem to
 Ofra via hostile Arab villages to 

Rabbi Yehuda Kreuzer, who heads yeshiva
founded by slain extremist, speaks 

Shabat Shalom and Shavua Tove

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