Tributes for


As people found themselves
 struggling to cope
with the news of an elementary 
school shooting
 in Newtown, Connecticut,
 they began to honor the ctims 
in their own special ways
As the story of the tragic Newtown, Connecticut
, elementary school shooting unfolds, many people
are wondering: Why has there been so much violence in
the U.S. lately, and what can be done
 to stop it? Share your thoughts.

Mourners for Connecticut school shooting victims

Former Mossad head Efraim Halevy.

Iranian weapons intercepted by Israeli commandos
ensions between Iran, Gulf states
 continue to flare amid inflammatory
 accusations by Tehran over 'toxic gas,' arms buys.
Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei at NAM Summit.

IAF's Nahshon Squadron, which took
part in Syria, Sudan strike according
 to foreign reports, 'has had a very
 diverse year,' commander says
Syrian defector says army moved 100
 kilograms of chemicals used to compose
 lethal sarin gas from secret base in
 direction of Lebanon

בסיס נשק כימי בספירה. קרבות ניטשו סביב המקום
                                  Chemical weapon Syrian base 

Flags of Hezbollah, Assad's Syria

IAF chief
Addressing possibility that chemical weapons will leak to Hezbollah, Maj.-Gen. Eshel says 'we have the capabilities to deal with this threat.' On blasts at Hezbollah arms caches: It's not safe to sleep near rockets

IAF F15 fighter jet (Illustrative)

Maj.-Gen. Amir Eshel assumes command of IAF

Muhammad Mafarji

(צילום: עופר עמרם)
24 were hurt in the TA bombing

Magazine honors US president
 for second time, calling him
 'architect of the wew America'

South African-born Ephraim Mirvis to serve
 as 11th chief rabbi of United Hebrew
Congregations  of Commonwealth

Generating Clean Electricityfrom Traffic 

Group of rabbis in Houston, Texas sets world
 of top tier basketball alight with performance
 which is helping promote image of Judaism far
 beyond court

Rabbi Ari Shvat discusses Rav Kook's
 thoughts on nationalism and Zionism

rav kook

Have A Nice And 
Wonderful Week

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