June 7, 2013

Last week's Boston terror attack highlighted the critical role of video surveillance analytics in tracing criminals and terrorists. It's a field in which Israeli companies excel.

Childhood computer whiz turns his passion into a successful company that offers cloud-based PC management services.

The information privacy and security unit at IBM Research in Israel is devising new ways to keep your data confidential.

In the last 18 years the number of boutique wineries in Israel has leapt exponentially from seven to nearly 300. The quality of these new wines is attracting connoisseurs worldwide.

Sold online and in stores in 10 countries, the sticker art is user-generated from all over the world. Website visitors can ‘like’ and share them.

The world's only third-generation inoculation against this widespread virus comes from an Israeli pharmaceutical company.

 may slow down Alzheimer’s

A significant Israeli study shows how it’s
 possible to restore a balance of key 

Israeli-made ‘In the Armchair with Picasso’ art kit is getting interest from geriatric professionals around the world

Israeli study shows that doctors with good personal preventive health habits seem to inspire their patients to follow their example.

Looking for an effective strategy against a particularly deadly form of breast cancer, Weizmann scientists have a potential winner.

Coastline development restrictions already exist
 in the rulebooks, but an Israeli legal eagle is determined to see to it that they are enforced.

Guided tours let visitors from many countries discover Israel’s techniques for natural farming, water conservation and sustainable energy.

Dr. Pinchas Halpern's advice to Boston hospitals on mass casualty incidents was one of the factors in their successful handling of April 15 casualties.

Volunteers from more than 25 countries come every year to help out at Israel's national emergency response organization.

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