September 3rd. 2013

Some 75.1% of
 population Jews
 and 20.7% Arabs
 and 4.2% defined
 as ‘other.’.
 Past year saw 160,749 
babies born and
 127,052 Israelis wed
 and 29,616 divorced
The country grew by
 about 148,000 inhabitants
 On New Year's Eve 5773, 
Israel's population stands 
at 8.081 million
approximately 6.066 
million of them Jews,
 1.67 million Arabs 
and some 345,000 
defined as "other." 
 On the eve of 
Rosh Hashana 5773,
 there are 7.9332 million
 Israelis living in the country,
 The year before – in 5772 
 there were 7.7974
 million Israelis.

(צילום: גיל יוחנן)
(צילום: גיל יוחנן)
תפילת ראש חודש. הכותל המערבי הבוקר (צילום: גיל יוחנן)

 If a Jew gets a tattoo, he or she cannot
 be buried in a Jewish cemetery.
 But is that statement a fact, or a myth?
 And what about Jews who 
are tattooed unwillingly?

Guard of honor during re-burial ceremony at SS Galician Division cemetery near village of Chervone (Photo: AP)


As The Possibility of a Military Strike Grows

The Islamic Republic of Iran Retreats on its Syria Threat?

As the possibility of a military strike against Syria by the US and some European countries grows, ayatollah Khamenei and some of the senior members of Iran’s armed forces reacted differently to the issue.
Members of Majlis Foreign Policy Committee Tell Rooz:

Iran Shall Respond to an Attack on Syria

Following this week’s use of chemical weapons in the Syrian conflict, talk of a US and NATO military strike against the country has heightened to the point that reports indicate a credible imminent military strike against Syria.


Nooshabeh Amiri

Goodbye to a Son

Our emails and chats began with these words: A motherly greeting, a greeting from a son. I am talking about Rashid Ismaili, an adopted son I never met but who had been introduced to me by a dear friend who himself happens to be in prison nowadays.

Mehrangis Kar

Should We Believe What We Hear?

It is the first time that an official of the Islamic republic of Iran has expressly used language that criticizes the earlier foreign policy of the country.

Ebrahim Nabavi

After Forty Years!

Forty years ago, as the US launched its air bombardments of Vietnam, a forty-two-year old man and his one-year old son fled to the nearby jungles. Last week they were “found” by a farmer.
Photos: AP, MCT, AFP, Reuters, CD Bank

US Secretary of State John Kerry talking about possible US strike in Syria, August 30, 2013.

1,429 Syrian civilians in
 Aug. 21 attack, 426 of
 them children.

Syrian activists inspect bodies of people they say killed by nerve gas in Damascus August 21, 2013

Chief of staff says he hopes
 situation in the North stays quiet.


Amid threats of Syria strike

United Nations Security Council

 Without maintaining the shameful 
 results of the " war of 1973 with Israel"
 that caused not to his country only but to  
the whole Muslim world ,
ASSAD says:


American Air Force

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