What the Torah Says About Justice

Moses reviews for the Israelites their
 system of justice, the rules of kingship,
 their relationship to idolatrous nations,
 and the rules of doing battle.

police traffic stop
I was a college student doing about 78 mph on my way from Pittsburgh to New York City to visit my boyfriend. Suddenly flashing lights appeared behind me, my stomach flipped over, and I was busted. The officer sauntered up to my window. He asked questions that I felt were intrusive, like where was I going, where was I coming from, who was I going to see. He made a comment about my “pretty face” being smashed if I crashed at that speed. I wanted him to just give me a ticket and go away. Finally he did.





The Haftarah selection is 
from Isaiah, 51:12-52:12.

It is taken from the Book of Isaiah-
-a prophet who lived in the time of
 the Babylonian Exile and consoled 
Israel with comforting prophecies of
 the return to Zion. The haftarah for
 Shoftim begins, characteristically enough:
 "I, I am He who comforts you!" (51:12)


Using modern medical technology
 a wide range of genetic maladies 
can be detected, 
but is that a good thing?

jewish genetics

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