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    10/28/2015 19:5210/28/2015 19:5210/28/2015 19:52

    Israeli stabbed in Gush Etzion junction attack 
    Security forces at the scene of the attack

    AG: Pay lynch victim's family 
    Attorney general rules that Eritrean man killed when mistaken for terrorist was a victim of terror and qualifies for benefits.
    Memorial service for the victim (Photo: Herzl Yosef)
    Floods, blackouts after storms
    Storms wreak havoc on already frayed power grid, while rapid succession of heavy rains leads to flooding across the country.  
    Flooding in Ra'anana
    Arab MK visits Temple Mount 
    MK Basel Ghattas defies ban, chides Netanyahu in clip, saying 'you or your government have no sovereignty over Jerusalem.'  
    MK Basel Ghattas
    Get refuser turns up as priest 
    Woman released from marriage when investigators find her husband, missing for two years, in a remote South American village.

    The shameful face of


    In The Great Britain

    A note by David Fakheri

    The only place in the world that has been under the british ruler and kicked them out of their country without giving them any short or long term points instead of their exit and those had to gather their tail in between of their legs and Escape as soon as they were able to has been and still is the Jewish State!. It seems to me that except the long life of the British anti-Semitism ( which has caused many Jewish life to be vanished! ) , the above maintained shameful sign of the fact that they have to carry it all their life on their forehead is a great reason to hate the Zionists=Jews more!.
     And why the academic sector of the British society is always on the top of every list that is about to criticize Zionism= Israel= JEWS of any accusations which 99% of those are FALSE and " MAN MADE! " either created by them or together with their colleagues in EU and the USA of Barack HUSSEIN Obama there are other
     subjects also to make them more jealous of the Jews like seeing the super knowledge in science and technology of a 67 years old tiny country by the name of * JEWISH STATE * that is growing much faster than them only but also it is conquering the most of their Bazaars Especially in the  technology field in all the continents in 
    the world!.

    I'm testing to see wht the hell i going on with this template


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