A message from Simon Wiesenthal Center

Fight Anti-Semitism and Defend Israel Now

Dear Friends

In the 2010 war against Israel and the Jewish people will have to be fought on many fronts — with your help we will make a critical difference.
No to a ‘Three-State Solution’ - Most Israelis accept a two-state solution but as the European Union and the United States keep demanding concessions from Israel, we must demand that no peace is possible as long as Hamas controls Gaza, a virtual terrorist state, and continues to threaten Israel with Iran-supplied missiles.
•Defending the Jewish, democratic state and her Zionist supporters - From the UN to churches and campuses, we will tackle the non-stop divestment and boycott campaigns delegitimizing the Jewish state, denying the Jewish people’s historic links to the land of Israel, and demonizing her supporters.
•Thwarting Tehran’s tyrants - The only way to stop the Iranian regime’s nuclear threats against Israel and the entire Middle East is through tough sanctions at the UN, EU and by stopping the billions being invested in Iran’s key defense and banking sectors by Insurance companies.
•Standing up to Terrorism - We will continue to broaden our multi-faith coalitions against the ever growing threats from those who invoke G-d’s name to justify terrorism and mass-murder.
Combating anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial We will always live up to the legacy bequeathed to us by Simon Wiesenthal to fight anti-Semitism, bigotry and hatred and to protect the memory and legacy of the Six Million.

In 2010, join our experienced and dedicated team in the struggle to defend Israel and Jews everywhere.

With your support we will continue to impact on the critical issues facing us all - from the streets of Paris, in the United States, Canada, across Latin America, the Middle East, in Asia and beyond. We are counting on your year-end gift today.

Thank you for your support this year,

Rabbi Marvin Hier
Dean and Founder

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