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2009 Year In Review by Daryl Cagle

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Resolutions by Tab

Plane Terror by Monte Wolverton

Lieberman's Health Care by John Cole

Global Warming Hoax by Randy Bish

Tiger Woods Affair by Nate Beeler

Goodbye Oprah by Dave Granlund

Mohammed Trial by David Fitzsimmons

No More Mammograms by Bob Englehart

Obama's Bow by Eric Allie

Corrupt Karzai by Taylor Jones

Republicans Win! by John Cole

Where's My Vaccine by Aislin

Public Option by Brian Fairrington

Wild Things by Nate Beeler

No Rams For Rush by John Cole

Obama's Nobel Prize by Petar Pismetrovic

Letterman's Love Life by Dave Granlund

Roman Polanski Arrested by Dave Granlund

Iran's Missiles by John Cole

Carter's Racist Comments by Randy Bish

Obama's Health Care Speech

Obama's Approval Rating by Eric Allie

CIA Probe by John Cole

Bad Healthcare by Dave Granlund

Favre Is Back by Joe Heller

Hillary Freaks Out! by Theo Moudakis

Death Panels by Pat Bagley

Town Hall Meeting by Pat Bagley

Cash For Clunkers by Dave Granlund

Texting While Driving by Joe Heller

Culture Clubbing by Brad Graeber

New iPhone by John Cole

Obama Reaches Out To Muslims by Taylor Jones

House of Cards by Dave Granlund

Miss California by Gary McCoy

Crazy Cheney by RJ Matson

The Edwards' by Taylor Jones

Stress Test by Dave Granlund

Swine Flu by Daryl Cagle

Susan Boyle by Dave Granlund

Pulitzer Prize Winner.. Steve Breen

Gay Marriage by Joe Heller

Toxic Assets by Joe Heller

Pope Hates Condoms by Taylor Jones

AIG Bonuses by Dave Granlund

Ringleader Rush by David Fitzsimmons

8 Babies! by Nate Beeler

No Jobs! by David Fitzsimmons
Recession! by John Darkow

Falling 401(k) by Mike Keefe

Facing Foreclosure by Nate Beeler

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Evil Hackers by Ares

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