Saturday 24 Tishrei 5771
November 20, 2010

Great Answer
Daryoush Setareh
Sir Moses Haim Montefiore (1784-1885), a British Jewish banker and philanthropist, determined defender of human rights and sheriff of London, was once seated at dinner next to an important personality and an anti-Semite, who told him he had just returned from Japan where they "have neither pigs nor Jews."
Montefiore replied instantly: "Accordingly, you and I should go there so they can have a sample of each."

Photo: AP
Israeli Jews at odds with liberal US brethren
When Hillary Rubin immigrated from the United States to Israel, the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors and descendant of a famed Zionist visionary felt that she had ...
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Photo: Ata Awisat
US report: Religious coercion, violence in Israel rising
The past year has seen a significant rise in religious coercion and violence on a religious background in Israel, a US State Department report on religious freedom issued ...
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The Korean girl in Bible class
Kim Xinai is something of an eye-catcher at Bar Ilan University, an institution of higher learning affiliated with religious Judaism. Xinai, who is Korean, is ...
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Rightist rabbis back Lieberman for PM
Dozens of rightist rabbis rallied on Tuesday against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's intention to accept the US proposal to renew the construction moratorium in the ...
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Intermarriage rates among Diaspora Jews at all-time high
Assimilation – A new study revealed by the Knesset Information and Research Center shows high rates of intermarriage among Jewish communities in the Diaspora. During ...
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Australian Jewish students report anti-Semitism
In response to increased reports of anti-Semitism on campus and intimidation of Jewish students, the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC) invited Jewish students ...
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Photo courtesy of Yad Vahem
Never forget: Shoah archives united
The European Holocaust Research Infrastructure (EHRI), which was expected to be inaugurated in Brussels on Tuesday afternoon, has been defined by senior researchers and ...
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Photo: Effi Sharir
Shas minister: Procreate instead of complaining
Minister of Religious Services Yacov Margi (Shas) is calling on the secular public to boost its birthrate in order to battle the demographic threat Israel is facing. ...
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Rabbis: Falash Mura must convert
Ultra-Orthodox conversion officials clarified Sunday evening that the 7,846 members of the Falash Mura slated to immigrate to Israel from Ethiopia will have to undergo a ...
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Israeli scholar completes translation of Talmud
After 45 years of 16-hour work days, an Israeli scholar has finally completed his life's work - a translation of the entire Talmud, one of Judaism's most important texts, ...
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Associated Press(07:44 , 11.15.10 )
Photo: Yossi Ben-David
Righteous among the Arabs
Quite by accident Faiza Abdul Wahab discovered her father Khaled's Jewish connection three years ago. "I rediscovered my father," she says excitedly sitting in a Paris ...
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Anat Meidan(21:10 , 11.14.10 )
Photo: AFP
German gov't, Jews disagree over funds
Germany's Orthodox Jewish community is accusing the government of discrimination for not funding the Orthodox Rabbinical Seminary in Berlin while providing money to the ...
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Chief rabbi: Mezuzah mandatory in yachts
Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger issued a halachic ruling stating that mezuzot must be installed on yacht doors. The ruling was issued in response to a query by Itamar Shimoni, ...
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Jewish museum completes new home in Philadelphia
After 34 years in cramped quarters but with big dreams, a new museum opening in the heart of Philadelphia's historic district aims to tell for the first time the complete ...
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Study: Israel experience strengthens Jewish affiliation
Participation in semester or year programs in Israel is directly linked to stronger Jewish affiliation and leadership – regardless of the Jewish background growing up, a ...
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