Lacking a channel of communications, messages between Israel, Hamas are expressed mainly via displays of strength; dangerous skirmishes likely to continue in days ahead.
Ramot Hashavim resident claims the town has become a 'Bratslav center'; Hasidic resident says her prayer group consists of only 15 people.

Future Movement MP says Iranian supreme leader's statements against UN probe into Hariri assassination 'aim to undermine calm in Lebanon, Arab world'

PM to send letter to Obama that will mark the first time Israel has officially asked that Pollard be freed from prison.
Bnei Brak medical center programs touch screen device to interact with software used by hospitals.

British screenwriter David Seidler is up for 'The King's Speech,' along with Darren Aronofsky for directing winter hit 'Black Swan.'
Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi tells Knesset committee that those who don't enlist in the IDF should serve i the rescue services.

Bat Yam mayor denounces recent protests against renting to non-Jews as 'racist', says Arab citizens must be treated equally.
Day after rally calls for kicking out Arab residents, Lahiani says protest 'has nothing to do' with his city and demands Arab citizens be treated equally.

Leaked cables reveal Tripoli authorities tried to force out British company using 'repugnant anti-Semitic tactics', threatening franchiser with 'fatal accident'

European Weather Chaos Spawns Outrage, Questions

French artist Laurent Lagarde has a weird hobby – he flies all over globe, photographing superhero figurines in famous tourist destinations. What started as a project during Second Lebanon War is now a worldwide exhibition soon to open in Israel

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