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New initiative will see dozens of flight attendants speaking out for Israel on breaks between flights. First: North America

Acclaimed Israeli author sends Palestinian prisoner convicted of several terror attacks book with personal dedication: 'Hope to meet soon in peace and freedom'

2011 . 15 . 03

(Video) Army says German ship 'Victoria' transported
weapons intended for Gaza terror groups.
Ship left Syria, docked in Turkey en route to Egypt.
hayetet 13 combatants seize vessel 200 miles off Israel's coast.
PM says weapons originated in Iran,
while Barak claims seizure proves necessity of

naval blockade on Strip
Israeli Commandos on way to
  Arms ship

Takeover of 'Victoria' Video: IDF
IDF estimates some 50 tons of weapons found on Gaza-bound 'Victoria' vessel intercepted by commandoes; Rear Admiral Ben-Yehuda says Chinese-made C-704 anti-ship missiles would have threatened Israeli sea-based strategic installations, navy vessels had they reached Strip. Containers were loaded after Iranian ships docked in Syria two weeks ago, he adds


Charles Krauthammer vs. NPR's Nina Totenberg

Plant's operator says workers trying to put out the blaze at the No.4 reactor of the nuclear facility in Fukushima, 240 km north of Tokyo.

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