2011 . 22 . 03

Iranian Assassination Plot In
 Southern California
Sent by daryoush Setareh

Majlis to Stop the Retirement of Intelligence Officers
Following the differences between the security
 and military agencies in Iran, Majlis deputies passed
  resolution to stop the retirement of intelligence officers.
Iran’s Chief Justice:
Amid UN Secretary General’s criticism of human
 rights conditions in Iran, the country’s chief justice
revealed that the judiciary took only
 ten days to issue death sentences.”
Rooz Reports on the Most Political Night of the Year
Amid tight security, Iranians celebrated the most
 olitical fire-jumping festivities known as
 hahar-Shanbe Souri, this Tuesday. This traditional
 ersian festival has been banned by officials of the
 slamic republic and has been called “superstitious
beliefs lacking religious basis and promoting corruption”.

'Katsav to get 4-7 years'
I regret the day I entered politics

Libyan state television reports that dozens have already
 een killed in the cruise missile attacks.

Qaddafi is Jewish and I'm His Cousin'
Sent by Jaleh Hakimi

IDF says Hamas leaders may be hit

Glenn beck on 5 murdered
Sent by Susan Halimi

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