Busted: Police Catch Up With Mall Bomb Suspect

'Guantanamo prisoners held ties to BBC'
report claims dozens of prisoners 'brainwashed' 
in UK by Islamist asylum seekers

Saying the problem is Israel, not just the Jews,
 is no longer good enough
Sent by Daryoush Setareh
Israel - against all odds
Sent by Shila Jahanfard

Jewish Museum features 21 etchings on 
Biblical subjects by Jewish Russian artist
Creator of one of all-time most addictive games grants
 Israeli company privilege to sell merchandise of 
popular yet quite vengeful birds in Holy Land
Diaspora Jews aged 16 to 26 invited to audition for
Hebrew-language competition, which will be held in
 Israel this summer. Winner will get to record duet 
with famous Israeli singer

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